Raja Yoga Discourses & LecturesProf K. Subramanyam 17/08/2010

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Date: 17.08.10
Venue: Prathana Mandir, Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore
Chanting: Raja Yoga
Chanted by: Jaikumar,(Student)
Discourse: Raja Yoga
DiscourseBy: Dr.H.R.Nagendra,(Guruji)
Discourse by

S-VYASA, Bangalore, India


1.What are characters of ‘Sthithi Prajna’ (equanimous person)?
2.He / she has great mastery over mind.
3.He can think or be in silence whenever he wants.
4.He does not depend on external object and remains in infinite silence and bliss.
5.It is stage of awareness par excellence.
6.Person transcends awaken, sleep & dream states.
7.When he is doing activity, he remains in Vijnanmaya Kosa (intellect) and attains perfection.
8.When he is not doing any activity, he is in Anandmaya Kosa (bliss).
9.He is having complete knowledge.
10.Yoga cleanses ourselves and opens up power to cure all ailments. Let’s contemplate on these thoughts and tune to inner silence.

Dr. H.R.Nagendra(Guruji),ME,PhD
Vice-chancellor of S-VYASA With his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, he was a NASA research assosiate and consultant at Harvard University before his interests turned to full-time involvement in human engineering and the search for ultimate Reality. His life mission is the scientific exploration of the subtle aspects of consciousness through yoga.He has 30 research papers in Engineering and 60 in Yoga.He has written more than 30 books on yoga.