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Division of Yoga – Spirituality

To make spirituality as a socially relevant science
To combine philosophical understanding of Spirituality with the modern scientific advancement to unearth the science behind Indian traditional practices and performances, directed towards research and application
  • To train the aspirants, inner researchers, spiritual counselors with knowledge base by imparting through theory and practical classes
  • To make the campus spiritually congenial for self growth and to express the hidden potentials for practice and promotion of spirituality

Yoga & Vedic Therapy is the most sought after course; it is designed by making Yajna/Yoga therapy modules based on integration of Astanga Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotisha as additional electives with possibilities of scientific research. Since these courses are based on strong philosophical foundation, they are socially more relevant in establishing Health, Harmony and Peace in the world at large. While reviving the ancient Indian Education system, the philosophy and practice of Yoga is carried forward in an individual through Guru Parampara.

Further, these courses aim to train responsible citizens by inculcating the practice of Yoga at all levels of their being, namely, personal, family, social, moral and spiritual spheres. In the history of mankind, human engineering is the most relevant of all disciplines of study. This is in keeping with the view of training teachers for the future world order as envisaged by Maharshi Aurobindo and Mother, for individual and collective spiritual progress. Vedanta(Prasthanatraya) followed by Ashtanga Yoga is the way forward for the entire humanity by bringing the awareness at body, mind and soul levels. Further, this promotes to establish harmony between human beings and nature through eco-friendly life. These programs are aimed at bringing out the true understanding of the ultimate Yogic lore of ancient India with deeper understanding of its philosophy and practice. Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA, Deemed to be University) conceptualized the Gurukula System of Education, through which B.Sc (Yoga Vedic therapy ) and M.Sc. (Yoga Vedic therapy ) are offered with the objective of producing outstanding teaching professionals, Yoga therapists/ Consultants/ Counselors who are able to teach Yoga and Vedanta and also to assist conventional medicine specialists in their profession to effectively address and care for a wide range of psychosomatic ailments.