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About Research at S-VYASA

Anvesana Research facility was founded over 30 years ago, in the long sighted belief to restore the lost heritage and tradition of Yoga practices with an evidence base. Its founders Dr. H R Nagendra & Dr. R Nagaratna, known to be the expert fraternity in the field of Yoga therapy through their extensive research have contributed towards the promotion of health and efficiently treat pathologies. Their work has laid a path towards making Yoga a evidence based practice for human maladies.

The basic scientific approach towards monitoring the benefits of Yoga practice in Asthma was one of our Initial works that brought Yoga into the limelight for its therapeutic values. The aim of the laboratory remains that of understanding the biology of Yoga at multiple levels – physical planes to more subtle planes of existence with the aid of the best technology availableto mankind. We at our lab as a team seek not just to study the response of the body to Yoga, but to understand the complex dynamics that are existing in coordination ensuring homeostasis of the human to his completeness.

The ambitious goals of the entire team, with a stable support from the University has generated developed a cohesive environment amongst the research groups paving way for extensive interdisciplinary studies. The development of the laboratory to this state in part is also contributed by the alumni. Our move into this brand new facility with state of the art laboratories marks a stepping stone for our entry into a new dimension of Yoga research.

Anvesana, provides an unparalleled environment for young and established researchers from various domains. We along with your support are inspired to contribute to yoga and making it as a socially relevant science.


  • Physiological effects of yoga practices

  • Therapeutic applications of yoga

  • Yoga for rehabilitation

  • Yoga for perception and performance

  • Higher states of consciousness