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It gives me an immense pleasure to say with pride that I am the student of YOGA & SPIRITUALLY Department, SVYASA UNIVERSITY. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gives a boost and an opportunity to excel in the area of my interest. From the day one, they have helped me to grow better professionally and personally.
Walked in a course three years back which was a life changing decision of mine and being a student of Yoga and Naturopathy not only makes me unique in my own way of learning . I own my growth assessment which was learned in the process of discipline, determination, passionate towards the approach of every step in the multiple people’s experience shared by them, with their kind way to taught us knowledge which needs to be polished in the journey of medicine. Maybe every expectation of mine which was not fulfilled but the cooperative adjustment in living together made my personality to be more socially acceptable. Ancient practices of food habitats found here which made myself more stable in my journey to serve the needs of people, Simplicity not in words but learned by mine visual experience shown to be unexpected, realized a quality to completes this journey of giving our practice to me more approachable. Respecting the life’s that devotes to train us in such a way that made us goal-oriented in our yogic path. Everything in my words can’t be expressed but makes me unique and proud to be a student of this stream whose abilities to treat with nature and cure thousands of lives without any harm, there would be many options for me to adopt and learn in different and familiar streams of medicine with that, I chooses BNYS in S-VYASA and made that turning point of my life, to stand me so proud and confident.
BNYS in SVYASA provides an excellent opportunity to explore the hidden secrets of yoga as well as naturopathy. Here, they keenly focus on proper application of the theoretical knowledge and make the students confident in their ability to treat people, as students have regular opportunities to interact with participants of Arongyadhama. Also,students are encouraged to develop in their respective interests, hobbies along with the academic progress. As it is a residential institution , they aim to provide a comfortable environment, sattwik food, and a systematic and healthy way of living.

Studentscome here from differentparts of India, so they have greater experiences about different cultures and traditional practices of India,thus have a better communication skills. If there are any problems faced by the students in their studies or any other issues, they are free to convey it to the teachers , who help them in every possible ways to resolve it. So, it will definitely be a good experienceand hope to see a transformation in oneself.
In the cloud of darkness of optingan appropriate career for me, there came a light of a course which fulfilled my dreams in every aspect for which I was dreaming. This esteemedcourse is BACHLEOR OF NATUROPATHY AND YOGIC SCIENCES.
In this century of hectic schedule, everybody is looking for symptomatic relief and no one is bothered to look into the actual cause of it. The increasing stress, imbalanced lifestyle and frequency of non-communicable diseases have led us to emphasize on a system of medicine which will eradicate the disease from its core. In the era of the growing popularity of alternative system of medicine, I chose BNYS which has preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitation potential with minimum side effects.The main concept of nature cure are elimination of toxins and vital force. It blends modern medicine with traditional therapies. I Liked the principle of body heals itself, and the doctors job is just to provide an appropriate environment for the body to work.

To promote traditional way of healing, SVAYSA has initiated the course of BNYS which is educating a lot of desired aspirants. Out of the various colleges all over India, I chose SVAYSA as it provides the best environment for the aspirants who are longing not only to treat their patients but also to educate them. Students are empowered with theoretical and practical knowledge in every stage of learning process. The nature here is most pleasing which encouragesus to perform yoga-asanas.

The mind cannot be fresh, innocent, young, enthusiastic unless there is a training of it. Therefore, spiritualism is greatly emphasized here with Bhagwadgita chanting and bhajan sessions.

SVYASA also provides it’s valuable asset –ANVESHNA- research lab where students are guided by teachers to do research in yoga. This university encourages in academic progress as well as in co-curricular activities.The students are allowed to interact with the participants of Arogyadhama which allows them to transform their theoretical knowledge into practical.

There has been a history of miracles in Arogyadhama in treating its patients just with yoga and naturopathy. Choosing this course and this university has proved to be a life changing decision, and I hope of becoming a better doctor of tomorrow.