A Call to Join SDM Movement

Dear Friends…

Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) is a collective effort to prevent India from becoming the ‘World Capital of Diabetes mellitus’. SDM is an initiative of S-VYASA University aiming to bring down the prevalence of diabetes.

Stop Diabetes Movement is successfully conducting various evidence based Yoga Camps for diabetes across the country and proven to be effective to manage various aspects of diabetes. More than yoga camps, these camps administer ‘Yoga based Lifestyle Changes’ where the patients learn about Stress Management, Diet, Yoga and Basics of Diabetes.

Diabetes is increasing at a rate higher than expected before and it is high time that we join hands together for this noble cause through team building including Doctors, Researchers, Yoga Therapists, NGO’s and last but not the least, Diabetes Patients themselves.

To serve this purpose we have created Five Associations:

  • SDFA – S-VYASA Diabetes Friends Association
  • SDDC – S-VYASA Diabetes Doctors Council
  • SDYR – S-VYASA Diabetes & Yoga Researchers Group
  • SDYT – S-VYASA Diabetes Yoga Therapists Team
  • SDOW – S-VYASA Diabetes Organisers Wing

S-VYASA University
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