S-VYASA UNIVERSITY offers various programmes at UG, PG and Doctorate levels.

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Division of Yoga-Spirituality

Division of Yoga and Life Science

Division of Yoga and Physical Science

Division of Yoga and Management Studies

Division of Yoga and Humanities


Regular Courses

Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for admission to the Autumn Semester starting from August 1, 2015. COURSES OFFERED DURING THE AUTUMN SEMESTER 1st AUG 2015 – 30th MAY 2016   Sl. No. Course Duration(in years) Eligibility 1 PhD (Yoga)*Doctor of Philosophy in Yoga Minimum – 3 Maximum – 5 with permission Must have […]

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The School of Integrative Medicine

Translating medicine to transform everyone’s everyday life The History: Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, founded by Dr H R Nagendra is a world renowned centre for scientific learning in Yoga practices and its applications has been contributing to the knowledge base of the entire Yoga community. As of now, the centre through its various activities has […]

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Division of Yoga-Spirituality Professor & Dean Dr. M K Sridhar Professor Dr. Saraswati Mohan Assistant Professor (J) Sri. Rajesh H K Sri Sushrutha S Sri Thyagaraju Visiting Faculty Dr. R Rangan Assistant Professor Dr. Mahabaleshwara S Bhat Division of Yoga & Life Sciences Professor and Dean Dr. B N Gangadhar Advisor – Stop Diabetes Movement […]

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Campus Life

Dos: Dress neatly at all times in tune with University atmosphere. Keep the room and surroundings neat and tidy. Use the furniture with care. Report the breakages and damages immediately to the warden. Occupy the room assigned. Lights should be switched off when leaving the room. Be respectful towards superiors and be polite & courteous […]

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Code of Conduct

Students’ code of conduct is to maintain a fine ambiance of yoga and spiritual lore. Such an Ashram Atmosphere will help the students to accelerate their growth and total personality development. We expect our students to maintain high standards of personal conduct. This includes personal honesty, discipline, integrity, ethics and values. Students are accountable to […]

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