Campus Life


  1. Dress neatly at all times in tune with University atmosphere.
  2. Keep the room and surroundings neat and tidy.
  3. Use the furniture with care.
  4. Report the breakages and damages immediately to the warden.
  5. Occupy the room assigned.
  6. Lights should be switched off when leaving the room.
  7. Be respectful towards superiors and be polite & courteous to all.
  8. Be attentive, disciplined and silent while attending class, meetings and other gatherings.
  9. Participate in all functions of the University without fail
  10. Read carefully the notices put on the notice board in the morning and the evening.
  11. Behave in such a manner as to safeguard the good name of the University.
  12. Handover any lost property found.
  13. Permit the outsider only on permission.
  14. Leave the footwear in the place meant for.
  15. Observe absolute silence in the Library
  16. Take active participation in sports and games and other cultural entertainments.
  17. Be punctual in attending prayer, classes and other activities including dining hall.
  18. Move with others as brothers and sisters.


  1. Don’t use footwear in the class room, halls, office and staff room.
  2. Don’t leave the campus without getting prior permission from the appropriate person.
  3. Don’t sub lend the books.
  4. Don’t enter another’s room without permission.
  5. Don’t wear costly jewels.
  6. Don’t keep huge money.
  7. Don’t lend or borrow money from anybody.
  8. Don’t take food to the rooms.
  9. Don’t damage any property of the University.
  10. Don’t dress undignified dress.
  11. Don’t visit other hostel.
  12. Don’t remain in the class room during break time and library hours.
  13. Don’t write damage or make any mark on any book, periodical manuscript or map belonging to Library. Return the books in time or renew the same.