About DDE

DDE, S-VYASA was initiated in 2007. We received Provisional Approval to run Distance Education Programmes in September 2007. However, programmes were not started pending further approval from Joint Committee of UGC, DEC and AICTE. Expert Committee visited us in June 2011 and approved this as a center to launch programmes through the Distance Mode.

DDE has the necessary physical and intellectual infrastructure to fulfill the requirements all its programmes.

Features of DDE, S-VYASA:

  • Has its own E-Learning Management System to facilitate the students Online Assignment submission, Discussion forum, Lecturers Notes/Tutorial Files download, Instant messages, Online calendar, Online news and Announcements.
  • Has huge DIGITAL REPOSITORY containing the knowledgebase of S-VYASA is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material of all yoga related materials.
  • Online and offline exams through Automated examination systems hosted.
  • ONE Gbps connectivity on MHRD-floated National Mission on Education initiative of National Knowledge Network Virtual Private Network (NME, NKN VPN); NME will allow us access to huge resources eventually.
  • Video Conferencing setup to transmit sessions and interact with students.
  • Video Studio to capture residential sessions to provide learning content for students.
  • Servers to host and stream available media content through websites.
  • Self Learning Materials (SLMs) have been developed for all programmes being offered through DDE.
  • DVDs and VCDs available for students as part of the Learning Materials.
  • Audios available for learning.
  • Santosha, Tapas and Avartan classrooms for Counseling Sessions.
  • Residential University setup for research and study laboratories.
  • Arogyadhama, a 250-bed holistic health home for hands-on field training in therapy.
  • Boys’ and Girls’ hostel facilities for stay during Counseling Programmes.
  • Network of mother organisation VYASA’s 54 Branches and 30 Affiliation Centers in India and about 30 centers across the Globe which will act as Intake Counseling and Support Centers.
  • S-VYASA trained huge network (about 1,50,000) of Yoga Instructors around the world to provide local support to students around the world.