Academic Council

Chairperson – Vice Chancellor
Prof. Ramachandra G Bhat

Dean(s) of Faculties
Prof. M K Sridhar
Dr. B N Gangadhar
Prof. T M Srinivasan
Prof. K B Akhilesh
Prof. K Subrahmanyam

Heads of Departments
Dr. M N Ramesh
Prof. R Venkatram
Dr. R Nagarathna

Ten Professors
Prof. Shamantakamani Narendran
Prof. R N Iyengar
Dr. Bheemasain Rao
Dr. K Muralidhar
Prof. Alex Hankey
Dr. K Mahadevan
Prof. R Ramachandra
Dr. Mithileshwar Jha
Dr. Subhash Sharma
Dr. B R Ramakrishna

Three Associate Professors from
the Departments other than
the Heads of the Departments
Dr. K V Naveen
Dr. N K Manjunath
Dr. P Nagaraja Rao

Three Assistant Professors
from the Departments
Dr. Sanjib Kumar Patra
Dr. Balaram Pradhan
Dr. P Subramanya

Three persons from amongst
Educationist of repute or persons
from any other field related to
the activities of the Institute
who are not in the service of
the Institute
Prof. Satish Chandra
Sri G R Raghunatha Rao
Prof. Lakshmi Tatachar

Three persons who are not
members of the teaching staff,
co-opted by the Academic Council
for their specialized knowledge
Prof. M L Munjal
Prof. S M Deshpande
Prof. N Rudraiah

Special Invitees
Prof. Narayana Dutt
Sri R S Venkatesh

Member – Secretary
Dr. Sudheer Deshpande