Yoga Course Application

The proposed new building of The School of Yoga and Naturopathic Medicine is spread over an area of 50,000 Sq. Ft. planned with an envious architectural perfection. It includes laboratories pertained to individual departments, lecture halls, seminar halls, museum, Administrative office, faculty office rooms and various other basic amenities under one roof.

The college is established inside the S-VYASA University campus providing a refreshing peaceful, environment, stimulating the intellectual alertness and creativity. The campus itself provides ambience that motivates students to grow in an exemplary way.

For clinical teaching programe under clinical subjects are being conducted at a recognized teaching Hospital,AROGYADHAMA i.e., Holistic Therapy Health Home, an holistic research based health home with 250 beds availability in tune with traditional Indian holistic health care through Yoga Therapy, Natural Medicine, Ayurveda, Modern Medicine.

SURABHI NATURE CURE HOSPITAL structured for the treatment of all life style related ailments ,long term rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of diseases and promotion of positive health featured with latest Hydrotherapy equipments, Body work therapy, Traditional Chinese system of cure like Acupuncture, Reflexology etc., is located in a most serene atmosphere suited for the beneficiary results desired.

Combining the “Best of the East and Best of the West”
as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda

Campus Life: The students are exposed to evidence based Yoga and Naturopathy in an Ashram style learning environment at the headquarters of S-VYASA University – Prashanti Kuteer. The campus is located away from the hectic life and pollution of the city, spread over 100 acres of green, natural surroundings. All inmates of the campus are served saatvik, wholesome, vegetarian diet based on Yogic principles. The positive vibrations of the campus help the students for their overall personality development.

Faculty: The most experienced and eminent faculty in the field of Yoga and Naturopathy academics, clinical practice and research.

Clinical Exposure: With the biggest integrative medicine holistic health center at its helm, the students are exposed to patients at a 250 bedded AROGYADHAMA, the teaching hospital of S-VYASA University for clinical practice. They have exposure to various Naturopathic Therapies at the SURABHI Naturopathy center which is equipped with all the instruments required for modern day Naturopathic practice. During internship, the students are also posted to other major conventional and Yoga and Naturopathy hospitals for their training.

Research: S-VYASA is a global leader of Yoga and Alternative medicine research with over 280 research papers in renowned National and International journals. The students are encouraged to take up research activities and guided by the most eminent faculties in the field.

Co-curricular Activities: The students have regular exposure to International and National level conferences, workshops, seminars and guest lectures from faculties renowned in the respective fields of Modern Medicine, Yoga and Naturopathy.

Carrier Guidance Cell: An exclusive and dedicated carrier guidance cell helps the graduates to seek placements. The campus also holds campus interviews for the outgoing graduates.