The YIC is the esteem course of S-VYASA.The YIC department of S-VYASA could able to maintain the consistant reputation for the past two decades all over the world by providing qualitative course curriculum.


  • The YIC department has well trained staff, who themselves have done previous courses at S-VYASA both long and short term courses. Therefore the staff members are able to share their experience with new students easily.
  • The YIC department provides the opportunity and training that once the student has completed the course, they in turn can become coordinator and in time provide valuable insight to prospective new students.
  • The YIC department provided the contribution of all senior faculty members to provide their valuable understanding and input, so that the students truly understand yoga (i.e. that is more than just a physical pursuit)
  • The YIC department allows all lecturers, coordinators and helpers to provide one to one interaction with students on a daily basis.
  • The YIC department removed the normal barrier between teacher and student, so that all yogic activities are done by one and all. Therefore continuing to improve understanding of selfless duty.
  • Due to the efficiency and effectiveness of this course, YIC department has encouraged the people from more than 50 countries throughout the world to come and join the Yoga Instructor Course, giving it a world round reputation.
  • Many graduated YIC students have become yoga teachers around the world and so continue to spread the wonderful and ancient teachings of India and Yoga.
  • Many graduated YIC students feel that S-VYASA is their second home and come back on a regular basis.


  • It is only one month residential course, hence many people can take out time from there busy schedule and join the course to become yoga instructor.
  • The course is a nice combination of theory and practice which create good understanding of yoga from physical, mental, social and spiritual prospective.
  • Yoga for rehabilitation
  • This course has attracted graduates, post graduates and professionals from the different fields. These graduates use this course to remain balance in all situations.
  • An hour YOGA per day and keep ailments away’ is the new slogan for all who wanted to be healthy and successful in there work place. They become role model to others of how to live a life in the right way on the right path