The School of Integrative Medicine

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Integrative Approach

Integrative Approach

The History: Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, founded by Dr H R Nagendra is a world renowned centre for scientific learning in Yoga practices and its applications has been contributing to the knowledge base of the entire Yoga community. As of now, the centre through its various activities has reached over 10 million population all over the world. Under the dynamic leadership and guidance of Dr H R Nagendra, with his selfless motive to pitch in “Yoga as a socially relevant science” towards combating the present day lifestyle related disorders is expanding its expertise to disseminate the scientific basis of the Indian systems of medicine.

Objectives: The School of Integrative Medicine has been structured under four objectives

Yogic way of life

Yogic way of life

  • Education
  • Research
  • Patient care
  • Dissemination

Education: The School of Integrative Medicine offers opportunity to those interested in understanding the scientific basis of CAM treatment modalities and thereby aiding them to utilize the benefit of CAM practices in their routine clinical scenario

Research: The research activities at the School of Integrative Medicine conducts rigorous scientific studies on the integration of complementary therapies with conventional medicine, with a focus on educational research, health improvement research, workplace wellness and methods to study clinical outcomes in integrative medicine.

The School of Integrative Medicine will work in collaboration with the Anvesana Research Laboratories, the in-house state of the laboratory facility of S-VYASA University to reach leaps ahead in Integrative medicine research.

Multi disciplinary research activities are being carried out to understand the mind-body relationship in regulating various physiological process at multiple levels.

Patient Care: Arogyadhama, a residential holistic health care centre, a teaching hospital caters to the health care needs of 250 people every week through Integrated medical system. This hospital by the visionary, Dr R Nagarathna, Medical Director, a conventional medical doctor, with a goal to integrate all the systems of medicine a evolve a newer dimension to health. So far, this hospital has successfully treated more than 2,00,000 lakh patients in the past decade.

Dissemination: Regular weekly scientific seminars conducted at the University on CAM modalities by the experts in this field diversifies the knowledge base of the candidates. International conferences conducted every alternate year not only attracts thousands of members across several countries to present their work but also acts as a platform for further collaborative work in the field of CAM research

Prospects of CAM in India: Complementary and Alternative Systems have been gaining momentum in the past decade all over the world contributing it to be a billion dollar health care industry. Apart from that, several rigorous research studies have shown certain systems of CAM to be more effective than contemporary systems of medicine. Yoga and Dietary modification have been recommended as a standard means to combat cardio vascular disorders. Yoga has been widely accepted as a tool in the management of Schizophrenia by the Government of UK. Despite the growing evidence and interest across the world, India has not contributed the science from its motherland to the benefits of its citizen. With the growing interest to develop CAM modalities in the government policies, the School of Integrative Medicine is launched to extend its knowledge base to the society at large.