April, 2012 – Events of S-VYASA

‘Catch them Young!’ – a report – Personality Development Camp @ S-VYASA

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.” Swami Vivekananda was himself an illustrious example of his idea of educated youth. Swami Vivekananda had a great vision for the youth of our country. With a clear philosophy of life along with proper understanding of values and culture, youth can be developed into beacon lights. The presence of even a handful of such youth in the society can make a huge difference in the process of Nation Building. For achieving this purpose S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore, every year conducts Personality Development Camps (PDC) in three batches, each for 10 days in the month of April. This year the participant strength for first batch was 210 and second batch was 230 where as third batch rose up to 350. The first batch had 80 senior kids and 130 juniors where as the strength became 86 and 136 for the second and 150 and 200 respectively for the third batch.

The kids where exposed to a systematic life style starting from waking up early in the morning 4.30 to doing their personal ablutions themselves, cleaning their clothes and utensils themselves, keeping their surroundings and environment clean, selfless service and many more. The children where distributed into various groups named after holy pilgrimage shrines of Bharata. The sessions in the camp included asana sessions, pranayama, meditation techniques, patriotic and devotional chanting and songs, creativity development, Yoga krida (games), cultural performances and a lot more. Sessions on personality development and group discussions where also conducted. Swami Swatmaramanadaji of Ramakrishna Vidyarthi Mandira inaugurated the whole series of camps. Dr Sudheer Deshpande, Registrar, S-VYASA distributed prizes to all groups. The kids who were crying on the first day of the camp out of separation from parents were seen in tears once again on the last day not wanting to leave Prashanti Kutiram.

1st April 2012: Sri Rama Navami

Sri Rama Navami was celebrated at Prashanti Kutiram on the 1st of April 11, 2012 with Sri Rama Puja at Lakshmi Amma Smaraka Dhyana Mandiram as Sri Lakshmi Amma used to do.While Subbu Bhaiya led the morning puja and evening arati, Swami Swatmaramanandaji Maharaj from Ramakrishna Vidyarthi mandira led the namasankeertan in the evening. The audiences were enchanted by the melodious bhajans and chantings led by Swamiji which had a wide range of compostions on Sri Rama and other deties as well.

7th April 2012: World Health Day Celebrations

The ‘World Health Day’ was observed at S-VYASA on the 7th April 11, 2012, as per the declaration by WHO. Prof Dr Lekhraj Rampal, Consultant Epidemologist at Dept of Community Health, University Putra Malasysia and President of College of Public Health Medicine, Malasysia was the chief guest. Dr Rampal released the book ‘First Aid from Nature’ authored by Dr Prathibha Vinay and spoke on the theme for this year’s WHD, “Aging and Health”. Dr Prathibha, an eminent researcher in botony and natural sciences, spoke on various health benefits that nature can offer.Prof Pramod Kumar, from AVV, Coimbatore, Swamini Atmaprakashananda and many other dignitories graced the occasion. Students from the city centre participated in the mass Yogothan at Lalbagh organised by Art of Living Foundation

Workshop on Research Methodology and Visit of Prof Dr Lekhraj Rampal

Prof Dr Lekhraj Rampal, an eminent consultant epidemiologist from University Putra Malaysia visited S-VYASA from 5th April to 10th April 2012. During his stay he extensively interacted with the students and faculty members about some of the upcoming projects of S-VYASA. As a part of this he also gave a one day workshop on ‘Research Methodology and Scientific Writings’ on 8th April, 2012. This was attended by students of MSc, MD, PhD courses and some of the faculty members. He strongly encouraged the students to take up good research and carry them out diligently.

7th & 8th April 2012: Colloquium on Cultural Heritage of India

A two day colloquium on ‘Cultural Heritage of India’ was conducted by Prof Pramod Kumar, Head of Cultural Education Department at Amrta Vishwavidyapitam, ettimadai, Coimbatore. Inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Prof Pramod, who is an alumnus of IIT, Chennai, shifted his interests from mechanical engineering to Indian Culture and Values. The students of S-VYASA were fascinated and motivated by the presentations of Pramod in which he brought out the contributions of Bharat to the world in varied fields including medicine, engineering, technology, mathematics and others.Prof Pramod also had discussions with S-VYASA authorities on various colloborative projects.

14th to 25th April 2012: Bhajan Competition for S-VYASA Students

The Students of S-VYASA participated in the Bhajan Competition and rendered scintillating and melodious Bhajans at Prarthana Mandir. After scrutiny by eminent judges, the students of BSc (Yoga & Consciouness) won the FIRST place.

25th & 26th April, 2012: Shree Shankara – Ramanuja Jayanti

The Jayantis of Shree Adi Shankaracharya and Ramanujacharya were celebrated with chantings and discourses on 25th and 26th April respectively. The highlight of the event was the marvellous rendering of Bhajagovindam by the campus kids including Kum. Ritu and Kum. Jyothi.

News from Turkey

Cerrahpasa Medical School which is one of the top 3 medical schools in Turkey, had organised a medical symposium. I was one of the two speakers who were non-doctors. I spoke about what yoga is, the concept of health, the pancha kosha and the stress management according to SMET. It was a very fluent presentation, that was also supported by medical data (I presented 2 researches very briefly) and it was very well perceived by the audience, which was more than 200 people, including some opinion leaders. I also presented 3 departments of sVYASA – research, academic university and arogyadhama, other than our book “Yoga at Home”. Happily, the next speaker made 3-4 references to the ideas presented in my talk! As the talk was found very interesting, the president of the symposium gave me an extra 5 minutes to introduce a brief practice. I thought them how to practice sectional breathing, then made them practice yogic breathing with “tip of the nose” observation.

Some comments I got from the audience are as follows:  “We were told that yoga is a cult and a religion, but we always knew that yoga is science!” “I memorised the sanskrit words you mentioned” “I want to start learning yoga, i am very much inspired!” “Yoga is very important in stress management, it has to be introduced wide- spread!” “I realised how little I know about my breathing pattern!”

I also would like to give you the news that, during that syposium, another opinion leader approached me and invited me to another seminar that will take place in fall!

– Ayca Gurelman

Third book of Swami Vivekananda is published

Purnam Publishers, the publication wing of Istanbul Yoga Center, published the Turkish edition of the third book of the yoga quadrilogy by Swami Vivekananda, ‘Bhakti Yoga – The Yoga of Love’ on 20th of April, 2012.

The earlier publications, ‘Jnana Yoga – The Yoga of Knowledge’ and ‘Karma Yoga – The Yoga of Action’ have become immediate bestsellers in their categories.

Istanbul Yoga Center web site: www.yogamerkezi.com

Purnam publishing web site: www.purnamyayinlari.com

Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana Kolkata, Tollygunge Branch

Daily Bhajans at 6.00-6.30 PM and weekly Kriya classes are going on every Saturday at 6.30-7.30AM.

Apart from Kolkata 2 participants from Germany (1) & Switzerland (1) took part in the Yoga classes of VYASA.

On 1st March, Fifth batch of “Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Wellness (F.C.Y.Sc.W)” was started.

On 18th March, 2012 a teacher’s meet held at Eknath Bhawan for the teachers of VYASA Tollygunge & VYASA Salt Lake. It was presided by the Chairman of VYASA, Kolkata. Mr. Suresh Kejriwal was also present in this meeting.

From 19th to 25th March 2012, A Yoga Awareness Programme(YAP) was conducted for 26 members of Lions Safari Park at Ravindra Sarobar

campus. On the first day Mr. B K Dhanuka(Chairman, VYASA Kolkata) was invited as chief guest in its inaugural session. On 2nd day Dr H R Nagendra (Vice Chancellor of S-VYASA University, Bengaluru) has delivered a lecture on “Yoga and Stress related ailments with special emphasis on Diabetes”. On this occasion Mr. I.P Tantia was also shared his Yoga Experience of Prashanti Kutiram. On behalf of Swami Vivekananda District Yoga Wellness Centre (SVDYWC), South 24 Parganas District, this camp was conduct by Mr Sasanka Sekahar Kamila & Mrs. Amita Nayak. Total programme was coordinated by Mr. S.S Rajput and Mr. Sanatan Mahakud. It was sponsored by S M Nahata Foundation.

On 31st March Fifth batch of “Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Wellness (F.C.Y.Sc.W)” was concluded.

VYASA, Salt Lake (Lakshmi Kripa)

Along with this regular out door group classes** are going on in the different parts of the city.

On 19th March 2012, VYASA Kolkata had organized a Special Yoga session at CD Block of Salt Lake on Meditation followed by lecture on “Karma Yoga” by Dr H R Nagendra, Vice Chancellor of S-VYASA University, Bengaluru

News from VYASA, Mumbai

Sewa Smriti Din: In memory of Late Dr. (Mrs.) Ramadevi Dadhich, who had donated the hospital premises to Sankalp. Sewa Smriti Din was organized on the 13th March, 2012 on her 5th Death Anniversary by Sankalp (Charitable Trust) and VYASA-Mumbai.

This program was graced by around 50 friends and well-wishers.

Dr. Subramanian Sharma who is associated with various charitable trusts, organizes free eye check-up camps and conducts free cataract operations, was commended on his efforts in serving the society and was felicitated with a Shawl and Bouquet.

A blood donation camp was also organized on this occasion.

Therapy Participant’s Feedback of Treatment at Prashanti: Mr. Suresh Bageria, a patient of Diabetes and High BP, and Mr. Goenka, a patient suffering from Urine Infection and Postural Hypotension with constant drowziness due to uncontrolled Diabetes, were sent to Prashanti Kutiram through our Mumbai center for their treatment. The following is a narration of their experience at Prashanti:

Mr. Suresh Bageria: “I reached there on 4th March with heavy stroke of Diabetes (post lunch – 330) and Blood Pressure (125/240).

I was a bit afraid about the duration it will take to be cured, but from the very first day that I started attending meditation classes MSRT & DRT and I started feeling very much comfortable regarding both my problems.

The 4th day after my stay I started feeling giddy as my sugar level had gone below the normal limit. I was given a full glass of sugar water and then tested for the sugar level, which was 126, even after drinking so much of sugar water.

All my Allopathic and Ayurvedic medications were stopped from that moment untill my discharge on 18th March and I was feeling healthy and cheerful on simple diet, exercise and Pranayams given at Prashanti Kutiram.

I feel my experience like a miracle – the fact that they release the stress from the body and mind which ultimately results in curing of the disease.

I am impressed by the devotion of the total team of Prashanti Kutiram who are working selflessly for improving the overall health of the people coming there and I am thankful to Dr. Nagendra, Dr. Nagaratna and all the team members for their untiring efforts and care given to people at large.

I will always be available for any kind of service required at Prashanti Kutiram during my whole life”.

Mr. Aditya Goenka (Mr. Goenka’s Grandson): “After my grandfather got discharged from Bombay Hospital, we decided that we should not delay it further and take him to a naturopathy center, which has been a topic of discussion in our family since the last 6 months.

But this time, his urine infection and postural hypotension and constant drowziness all due to uncontrolled diabetes, triggerd it and we took him to ‘’Prashanti Kutiram’’ Banglore.

The best thing about this centre was that it did’nt discard modern science, and infact added few more allopathy medicine, to control his urine infection, and at the same time, prescribed few techniques which were pure naturopathy and ayurvedic.

Within the first few days we could see drastic improvement in his sugar levels. His insulin intake dropped from 20-0-20 to 6-0-6 and by the time we left, which was after 15 days, his sugar was in the range of 140pp.

The best part of the treatment which helped him the most was ayurvedic massage which rejuvinated him and the diet of course which was pure sattvik. This was my grandfather’s story. I have heard many complicated cases being solved there like cancer, trauma, not only through ayurvedic or naturopathy but a combination of the west and the east.

Here you will find perfect example of selfless work and true renunciation. God Bless!!”