Bio-Energy Laboratory

The Bioenergy laboratory explores subtle energy aspects of biological and inanimate systems.The facilities of the lab include Electrophotonic Imaging- a Kirlian principle based system for subtle energy measurements; Acugraph- a electrodermal assessment based on Chinese traditional medicine system; Nadi Tarangini- an indigenous pulse based diagnostic system for assessment of tridosha (vata, pitta, kapha) based on ayurveda principle and Random Event Generator to study the influence of human mind on the hypothetical consciousness field & power of intention of individuals.

Recognizing the need for standardization of subtle energy measuring instruments, initial work of the Laboratory involved experiments to validate these instruments to meet the scientific standards.

Using these tools later research showed effect of Yoga in organism’s regulation at subtler levels. Evidence from these experiments support the existence of subtler dimensions like pranamaya kosha.

Effects of various traditional rituals have also been shown on the consciousness field.

Future directions of the lab include developing ability to assess a person’s state of health using non-invasive subtle energy tools, complementing the modern methods of diagnosis, resulting in early detection of manifestation of diseases.


  • To track scientifically the subtle human energy field
  • To establish scientific evidences for scriptural concepts like Aadhi and Vyadhi
  • To develop normative data in Indian population according to various demographic parameters.
  • To cater to the clinical need of patients with various ailments, especially earlier diagnosis of disease before its physical manifestation.

Research Facilities 

  • Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)
  • Acugraph
  • Random Event Generator