Conference on Stress & Its Management

Program at Mangal Mandir

Program at Mangal Mandir

Conference on Stress was organized during 23-24 of January 2015 S-VYASA Yoga University headquarters located at Jigani. The conference was organized jointly by the Foundation for Quality India (FQI), Association of Health Care Providers (AHPI), Indian National Society for Stress Studies (INASS) and the Defence institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) of DRDO under the ministry of Defence.

During the stress meeting experts were discussing the following important aspects of stress apart from rewarding with life time achievement award to three eminent personalities of our country.

Stress at Work Place; Stress and Human Resources to combat Family Stress and Societal Stress; Environmental Stress apart from Management and Monitoring the Stress and its Ill Effect on Health; Yoga and its Role in Stress Management; Biomedical Stress Management; Psychological and Behavioural Aspects.

Eminent Scientists from INASS and DIPAS along with experts from various Medical Universities and Government Officials participated.

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