Conferences attended by Dr. Nagarathna

Apr: Dr. Nagarathna, The Director of Health Services of VYASA, spoke on ‘Integrative Yoga for Holistic Health’ at MMMCON 2014 (Mind, Medicine, Meditation Conference) on 16th April, organized by the Dept. of Physiology, AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi. The presentation of the summary of the work done at VYASA and the new lab facility fascinated the group and the HOD Dr. Rashmi Mathur will be visiting Prashanthi in the first week of May, 2014.

On 19th April, Dr Nagarathna addressed a highly charged group of Yoga loving spiritually oriented doctors (about 150) at a Conference on Holistic Medicine organized by Jupitor Multi Specialty Hospital, Thane, Mumbai. The Chief Organizer, an orthopedic surgeon, a big name in spinal disorders who knows our Dr. John Ebnezar, is an unusual person; he spends a lot of his time on music, helps people through music therapy, includes music in his OT, encourages Yoga classes and spiritual satsangs in the hospital premises which is major tertiary referral hospital in Thane. It was nice to be with Dr. Ulka Natu involved actively in organizing the conference, Dr. Shirley Telles who was also an Invited Speaker and Vyavahare Guruji . The evening program was a breath taking sight, the first hand experience with video of one of the doctors of the hospital who had been on Mount Everest Expedition.

Deva Foundation headed by very senior psychiatrists of Varanasi, Dr. Jhanwar and his son Dr. Venugopal Jhanwar, close well wishers of VAYSA, organized a CME (Continued Medical Education) for doctors in Varanasi on 20th April, attended by 350 doctors of all specialties. Dr. Nagarathna, who spoke on ‘Yoga – Role in the management of Psychosomatic Disorders’ was one of the three speakers in this CME that was followed by a quiz.

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