Dec 15 – Himalaya Yoga Olympiad

Jigani, Bengaluru, Dec 15: S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru is organizing an International Conference on Yoga from 20th to 23rd Dec. at Prashanti Kutiram, Jigini. As a pre-conference program – HIMALAYA – an International Yoga Olympiad is being organized from 13th to 16th Dec. 2011. This Olympiad is organized once in two years. Yesterday 450 participants in the age groups of (i) 12 to 18 yrs. (ii) 18 to 24 yrs (iii) above 24 yrs (separate for boys and girls) demonstrated their excellent skills of performing different advance asanas, pranayama, mudras and bandhas. Today, the participants give their talents of doing shat kriyas. Evening, the participants performed Surya Namaskars en-mass.

The participants also demonstrated on Pole and Rope Mallakhamb. All of them, also gave a test in their theory knowledge. A special study was made on the children of 14 yrs age on their concentration and memory power by the Research Wing – Anveshna of S-VYASA University.

450 delegates from 19 states and 5 countries are participating. A team from Singapore and participants from different states gave the cultural and traditional programs in the evening.

Participants demonstrated their individual and group performances in various asanas. One girl performed various yogic postures, blind fold on the rope mallakhamb (on a rope handing from the roof).

HIMALAYA – Olympiad was inaugurated on 13th Dec. 2011 at 02.30 pm by Sri S.K.Sinha, Chief Managing Director, Security & Intelligence Services (SIS), New Delhi and Dr.H.R.Nagendra, Vice Chancellor, S-VYASA Yoga University in the presence of a host of Guest and Delegates.

Olympiad will come to an end on 16th Dec. 2011.