Dec 23 – 19 INCOFYRA Resolutions

By virtue of active presentations-deliberations and interactions on the above mentioned theme, this conference unanimously adopt the following resolutions:

GLOBAL PEACE: One World-One Hope

There is NO way to Peace; Peace is the way-AJ Muste

  1. We endorse and support UN millennium goals


Goal 1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 
Goal 2 Achieve universal primary education 
Goal 3 Promote gender equality and empower women 
Goal 4 Reduce child mortality 
Goal 5 Improve maternal health 
Goal 6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases 
Goal 7 Ensure environmental sustainability 
Goal 8 Develop a global partnership for development 

  1. We recognize and accept to use Yoga as a Universal tool in meeting UN millennium goals by commemorating June 21– the day of summer solstice in northern hemisphere of the earth as WORLD YOGA DAY as proposed by HH Jagat Guru Amruta Suryananda  Maharaja of Portuguese Yoga Confederation and endorsed by all Yoga masters of India on December 2011 at the Yoga Summit held in International headquarters of The Art Living Foundation, Bengaluru
  2. We realize that Yoga – a science and art of self transformation leading to individual peace [peace within and peace outside by eliminating fanaticism and invoking Universal brotherhood as proposed by Swami Vivekananda] and thus establishing YOGA as a Universal – secular strategy for Global peace
  3. We accept to commemorate 2012 as the ‘International Year of Cooperation’ to create partnerships to establish YOGA as a strategy to meet MDGs []
  4. This conference pledges to establish Indian value “Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam – the World is one family” as the goal and means to achieve lasting GLOBAL PEACE



  1. We recognize Non Communicable Diseases [NCDs] as a Global Health Concern and Global epidemic
  2. We endorse and pledge to participate in the Global Campaign against NCDs []
  3. The VYASA-SVYASA as a single largest research institution specializing in yoga pledges to the Goals of Global campaign against NCDs
  4. This conference resolves to build partnerships with major yoga institutions; leading medical institutions; professional organizations and government agencies  to create working groups and evolve effective outreach initiatives to meet the goals of the global campaign specific to India
  5. This conference recognizes the importance of STOP DIABETES MOVEMENT and accepts as the most needed campaign to address the issue of NCDs in India and across the World



  1. We recognize and accept that the Total education is the real means to achieve the goals of Global Peace and Global Health
  2. We resolve that Yoga education forms the basis for Total Education
  3. We pledge that on the year of 150th birth year of Swami Vivekananda- we would implement ‘Man-making education through Yoga’ than mere ‘bread earning education’
  4. We seek to work towards and establish Yoga education at all levels of education from primary education to professional education across the World
  5. We seek to establish national and international working group to introduce Yoga in five dimensions i.e., spirituality; life sciences; humanities; management studies and physical sciences


Signatures of the policy makers participating in the conference