Discourse on 18th May 2011 by Prof K. Subramanyam 02/02/2011

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Date: 02.02.2011
Venue: Prathana Mandir, Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore
Chanting: Raja Yoga
Chanted by: Geeta Rani Pradan(Staff)
Discourse: Raja Yoga
DiscourseBy: Sri T Mohanji
Discourse by

Sri T Mohanji,
SVYASA, Banglore, India


1.Relax your whole mind and body.
2.See yourself sitting in Prathana Mandir, further in Bangalore, in Karnataka and in India.
3.See the India in Earth; see Earth in Solar system and solar system in the milky way of Galaxy.
4.Our solar system is just a tiny particle in infinite universe.
5.Dissolve your ego and merge with infinite divinity.
6.Be a yogi and search for truth.
7.When we look at vast sky near horizon, we forget ourselves.
8.Whole universe is dynamic wave of inseparable pattern of energy.
9.Yoga goes in deeper layer by saying that thoughts and emotions are form of energy (Prana).
10.Yogi has an aura which nullifies negative vibrations of others.

Sri T Mohanji,YTTC,MSc
Secretary of VYASA,was the first Registrar of S-VYASA.
He has been trining Yoga teachers in Prashanti and outside since 1983.