Discourse on 18th May 2011 by Prof K. Subramanyam 19/05/2011

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Date: 19.05.2011
Venue: Prathana Mandir, Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore
Chanting: Karma Yoga
Chanted by: Sharvary(Student)
Discourse: Raja Yoga
DiscourseBy: Prof K. Subramanyam
Discourse by

Prof K. Subramanyam,
Dean, Division of Yoga and Humanities.
SVYASA, Banglore, India


1.’How to make our mind calm?’ Arjuna asked Krishna.
2.’Mind is restless like air with continuous movement.’
3.’No doubt, it is difficult to control mind’ replies Krishna.
4.’With practice and detachment we can control mind’ said Krishna.
5.Knowing truth about being infinite soul makes us blissful.
6.We occupy infinite sky and eternal universe.
7.Attachment to body, family, money and society can make us miserable or restless.
8.Mind goes to past or future or becomes absent to present.
9.To manage our mind, we need to observe mind. Be spectator to it.
10.Observe and direct mind towards positive outlook. May we now meditate on smiling face of Lord Krishna.

Prof K. Subramanyam PhD
Dean, Division of Yoga and Humanities, has a specialization in English Literature (American and lndo-Anglian as optionals) and Philosophy (Gandhian Philosophy – optional). He is presently the Honorary Adviser, Vivekananda College, Tiruvekadam, Madurai District. He has been a Member, NAAC peer team. He has authored 14 books on various topics including books on Education. He has presented and published a large number of papers on socially relevant and spiritual topics. He is a prolific speaker with an ability to weave magic with his words, with a capacity to talk to people at all levels.