Division of Yoga & Physical Sciences

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Matter based paradigm to consciousness based paradigm through Yoga

Facilitating the needs of consciousness based research, knowledge dissemination, and application


  • To introduce new paradigms of investigating consciousness field
  • To support with new tools for investigating consciousness based paradigm
  • To promote bio-energy based assessments in clinical setups
  • To develop strategies to disseminate knowledge through course curriculum
  • To pursue synergizing subtle energy, nuclear energy, and bio-energy

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Prof. T G Sitharam Prof. T.G. Sitharam is the honorary Dean of Division of Yoga and Physical Sciences since 19th January 2015, also a senior Professor of Department of Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and holds a KSIIDC Chair Professorship in the area of Energy and Mechanical Sciences at Indian Institute of […]

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Professor & Dean: Prof. T G Sitharam, PhD Distinguished Professors: Prof. N V C Swamy, PhD Prof. T M Srinivasan, PhD, DSc Dr. Alex Hankey, PhD Professor: Dr. R Venkatram, PhD Assistant Professors: Dr. Itagi Ravi Kumar, ME, MS, PGDCA, MCA, PhD (Yoga) Ms. G Padmasri, MSc (Applicable Mathematics), MSc (Yoga Psychology), MSc Yoga Dr. S K Rajesh, […]

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5 Skill oriented courses are offered by the Division – 1. Programming in R, 2. Programming in Java, 3. Subtle Energy Assessments, 4. Vedic mathematics, 6. Qualitative Research Methods. Syllabus for Skill oriented Courses -> Skill Oriented Courses by Physical Science PhD (Yoga) The University will permit the registration for Ph.D. in the following Divisions, […]

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PhD Scholars: Yoga and Physical Science- PhD Scholars Research Scholars form all divisions with thesis title (2011-2016)    

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