Division of Yoga – Spirituality

spirituality copyVision:
To make spirituality as a socially relevant science

To combine philosophical understanding of Spirituality with the modern scientific advancement to unearth the science behind Indian traditional practices and performances, directed towards research and application


  • To train the aspirants, inner researchers, spiritual counselors with knowledge base by imparting through theory and practical classes
  • To make the campus spiritually congenial for self growth and to express the hidden potentials for practice and promotion of spirituality


Prof. Gopalakrishna N Bhat 1. Name and Designation Mobile Number and E mail ID Prof. G N Bhat Dean, Div. Yoga Spirituality Mob:  94482 40818 EmaiL: drgnbhat1952@gmail.com 2. Educational Qualification a.  UG : B.A in Samskritam b.  PG:  M.A in Samskritam c.  PhD: PhD in Nighantu (Nirukta) 3. Teaching Experience a.  UG:  42 Years b.  […]

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Professor and Dean: Prof. Gopalakrishna N Bhat, MA, PhD Asst. Professors: Dr. S Sushrutha, MSc (Yoga) PhD Sri H K Rajesha, MSc (Yoga) Sri Chandramouli, MSc (Yoga) Sri Surendra Kumar H S, MA (San) Senior Visiting Fellows: Dr. R Rangan, Visiting Professor, WEBOLIM Dr. Mahabaleshwara S Bhat, Principal, Veda Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam Dr. Tilak M Rao, Asst. Director, Vida Vijnana Shodha Samsthanam […]

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5 Skill oriented courses are offered by the Division – 1.        Spiritual Counseling 2.        Veda Chanting and Daily rituals 3.        Astrology for Health, Happiness and Harmony 4.        Traditional Knowledge and skills for harmonious living (Vastu) 5.        Yajna – a healing science Syllabus for Skill oriented Courses – > Skill oriented […]

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Undergraduate Students – B. Sc. (YC) BSc-YC August 2016 Batch Post Graduate Students M.Sc. (YC) MSc-YC August 2015 MSc-YC August 2016 PhD (Yoga) Yoga – Spirituality PhD Scholars Research Scholars form all divisions with thesis title (2011-2016)

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