Dr. Manjunath’s visit to China

Dr. Manjunath Sharma & Dr. Vasudha Sharma

Dr. Manjunath Sharma & Dr. Vasudha Sharma

Apr 25 – May 1: Dr. Manjunath Sharma, Joint Director of Research, S-VYASA University & Dr. Vasudha Sharma, Ayurveda Physician and Doctoral Scholar of S-VYASA University were invited by Alexander Health, one of the biggest fitness chains in China to introduce Traditional Ayurveda and Integrated Approach of Yoga in China.

The series of workshops conducted both on Yoga and Ayurveda and an agreement was proposed between the two institutions.

A major Press Conference was held on Apr 29 to announce the introduction of both the ancient and traditional health systems of India to China.

Now Yoga and Ayurveda will be introduced in all their health clubs across China, Taiwan & Hong Kong.

And also Dr. Manjunath gave an invitation to Shanghai University of Sport to visit S-VYASA and to have a discussion on research collaborations.

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