Dr. NagendraJi’s US Diary – Sept, 2014

Los Angelis

Harvard’s Campus: ‘Nanobiosym Global Initiative Summit’ - Dr. H R NagendraJi with the CEO of Nanobisym, Dr. Anita Goel

Harvard’s Campus: ‘Nanobiosym Global Initiative Summit’ – Dr. H R NagendraJi with the CEO of Nanobisym, Dr. Anita Goel

Sept 18 & 19: Sadhvi Ritambara Didi’s satsang was organized in Sanatana Dharma Mandir. Guruji has taken part in the Satsang and on 19th he was introduced to the participants.

Sept 20: In USC International Conference in Yoga, Meditation and Integrative Health, he presented a key note on Evidence based Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome and that evoked tremendous response by the young students community.

In the conference, Dr. Christopher Key Chapple, Navin and Pratima Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology at Loyola Marymount University; Dr. Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor, Claremont School of Theology; Ms. Sara Ivanhoe, MA in Yoga Studies Program, Loyola Marymount University; Dr. Rita D. Sherma, Swami Vivekananda Visiting Faculty in Hindu Studies, School Of Religion, USC; Dr. Varun Soni, Dean, Office of Religious Life, University of Southern California; Dr. Anshu Vashishtha, Clinical Faculty of the University of California, Irvine; Dr. Fred Davis, Director, Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition | Dean of the Graduate School, MUM; Dr. Marc J Weigensberg, Director, Institute for Integrative Health at the Keck School of Medicine, USC; had given the presentations.

Sept 21: In an Workshop, he presented on IAYT, Pranayama and PET practices. Interactive session made it interesting to all.

Sept 22: He took part in discussions with Narayana Swamy in Thousand Oaks.

Sept 23: On VAYU had the detailed discussion with BU Patel and team of VYASA.


Sept 24: In the morning had the interaction with Ram Kamath on the use of VSOFT for SDM projects. Evening had meeting with the Co-ordinators of VYASA, Dr. Shadara and Ms. Veena Gandhi.

Sept 25: Satsang on Upanishads, interaction on Anandamaya Kosha, analysis of happiness and meditation mastered by him.


Sept 26: Had discussion with Mr. Sudhir and Ms. Smita on proposed SDMs.

Harvard’s Campus, Sept 27-28: Participated in ‘Nanobiosym Global Initiative Summit’ to democratize health care. In line with Dr. Anita Goel’s vision, the summit was created focus on personalization and decentralization of the next generation of health care practices and the early adopters and change agents across various siloes within our ecosystem that are driving this transformation on a global scale. The summit was hosted in collaboration with Scientific American.

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