Editorial by Dr. H R Nagendra ji

As the three 84th to 86th PDC series comes to an end on 30th April with nearly 800 students participating in the camps, it was a great learning experience for all our organisers and good training to our B.Sc (Yoga and Education) students. The challenge of water was resolved by Shatrughan and team by three more bore wells dug to depths of 1000 and odd feet in the campus. The renovated Anvesana has been a great attraction to visitors who have appreciated the wonderful work done by Dr. Manjunath and team of Anvesana over the last almost one year. Heading for high end research, the instruments are being calibrated for taking data. Psychology lab has already started functioning effectively. We need many more researchers with expertise in Gene Research, Molecular Biology, Statistics, Brain Research including polysomnography, fMRI compatible EEG analysts to join our Anvesana team. All the students are being trained by the existing faculty and researchers to take up these projects on the four diseases – Diabetes, Depression, Obesity and Cancer to understand the mechanisms involved.

The SDM camps have started taking shape under the leadership of Dr. Nagarathna and has accumulated good amount of research data in both India and USA. We have started understanding the same to make the camps more effective. Other countries are also shaping up. From the next years to come, we want to have the same followed up for many years to see the long range effect of Yoga.

Singapore Center has moved to a nearby bigger place as part of a fine multi activity club under the leadership of Manoj Thakur. Sri Edward is taken as our global marketing partner and has branded our Yoga as Vivekananda Yoga. He has developed a nice brand logo to be used for our courses all over the world. The World Yoga Day is planned in a big way in Bangalore on June 21st, 2014 to bring awareness about the popularity of Yoga all over the world. Dr. Venkatram and the national Co-ordinator Smt. Chitra Rao are giving good shape to the same to attract the youth with a theme ‘Yoga as a Career’.

Sri N V Raghuram has been made the Director of VYASA, International for Spirituality. He will be going around USA and other parts of the world to bring in the dimensions of Spirituality as the basis for Yoga which we have been propagating. Yoga Bharati in Bangalore has joined hands by affiliating itself to VYASA, National. Many other organisations are also being brought to affiliate to VYASA. This will increase our synergy.

Aroyadhama continues to attract patients with very complicated ailment combinations with wonderful results. This issue of Yoga Sudha highlights these developments. We appeal to all our readers and well wishers to spread this message to bring more and more students for our August batch.

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