A spacious hall with required seating arrangements on modern lines. Counters for Enquiry, Remittance of fee and travel arrangements are provided in the Reception Hall itself.

Hostel & Food:
A home away from home for all inmates. It trains its residents in a well-planned daily routine suited to simple living and high thinking and a life of both reliance and community living as practiced in our ancient Gurukulas. Convenient rooms, clean toilets with bath rooms with plenty of water round the clock make the stay a pleasant experience. An excellent vegetarian mess rooms giving nutritious food without any restrictions/limitations.

Class Rooms:
Adequate class rooms with well ventilation and required furniture are available. Modern Audio Video equipments such as Plasma, LCD are provided.

The University Library is open to all students during working hours. Students should return the library books within the stipulated time or a fine will be levied on daily basis. Students are permitted to use the library which is well-stock with innumerable books (more than 15,000) on all subjects to facilitate reference work and extensive reading.

Play Ground:
In addition to foot ball and cricket grounds, outdoor courts for Volley Ball, Ball Badminton, Khokho and indoor facilities for Chess and carrom are available. Active participation of students in sports and games is insisted upon.

IT Network:
Students are permitted to use the computers at in the University for any purpose pertaining to the requirements of the University syllabus as specified by the computer faculty or for University activity only. Students are not allowed to send messages on the network, create or view objectionable visuals, change system settings or delete files.

There is a good sales counter namely Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashana where all Yoga and spiritual books are available. In addition stationeries and all daily needs are available.

Arogyadhama (Health Care Centre):
The University has an Arogyadhama to take care of exigencies. The students can use the same in case of necessity. When the students are suffering from any ill health, they should stay in Arogyadhama and not in the rooms.

Open Air Theatre:
There is beautiful open air theatre which has musical fountain with light arrangements.

There is a very big auditorium namely Mangala Mandira. It can house around 1000 people at a time which will be utilized for functions, conferences and cultural programmes. Also there are similar conference halls namely Santosha, Tapas, Ahimsa, Satya.

Prayer Hall:
There is a prayer hall namely Prathana Mandir with required audio visual aids where daily Maithri Milan, festival celebrations and Bhajans are conducted.

The University has fleet of vehicles and also a bus for transportation purpose.