Germany & Switzerland trip by Prof. N V Raghuram

We had two seminars at Stift KWA Klinik Griesbach Germany on 7 – 9th and 14 -16th March 2014. This time the topic of seminars was “Yoga and Meditation in Alltag or yoga and Meditation in Daily life”. The seminar covered apart from different types of meditation practice such as Cyclic meditation,Trataka meditation and sessions of practice of yoga, lectures and discussions on topics such as moving from not doing to non doing, Meditation is not what you do with mind but it is what you do to the mind, Silence beyond words and meditation – to be in touch with fourth state of existence” etc. Fifty people attended the seminars Dr Garner and Markus Stegh translated the talks.

Between 15th and 20th of March discussions and seminar on “Not what gives but what is Happiness” in Zurich and number of meetings with interested people in the areas of Yoga knowledge and application. One of the important contacts during the visit is Prof. Prabhu Guptara an authority on the impact of technology on globalization, on strategy, on knowledge management, on corporate social responsibility, on comparative and cross-cultural ethics, and on management and leadership issues based in Zurich. On my return, visited long time friend of VYASA Dr Horia Crisan in Bad Seckingen. A seminar was organized in the headquarters of KWA House in Konstanz organized by Marina Gernard and visited the first churches in Germany and beautiful castles in Mainau and Raisenhau along with Priest Carl Karrenbou and Countess Sandra.

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