June, 2014 – Editorial by Dr. H R Nagendra ji

Ideal Leadership – Converting Challenges into Opportunities

To see challenges as opportunities is the way of the wise or a visionary. Mother of Pandavas, Kunti prayed to lord Krishna that she should be kept always in difficulties and not in comforts. She saw in it an opportunity to remember lord Krishna all the time and grow towards Moksha. In comfort zone of sense pleasures, she knew that she will forget Him and deteriorate.

A leader converts these opportunities to reality in a practical world and achieves results. But often such success and praises invokeego leading sometimes to arrogance. A role model of a leader, however,converts that opportunity of success to enhance his humility and surrender to the Institution, society, country, world and to the Divine. He transfers all credit of such success to his team members to build a better, stronger and cohesive team to reachhigher success. He takes on himself the brickbats of failures protecting his team mates and learns to use those to transform himself and his team to raise higher by finding ways and means for success next time whereby inspiring his team members and energizing them.

While Mahatma Gandhi used Charaka and Sataygraha as the tools to get Independence to India, Sri Eknathji Ranade pioneered in his vision towards a mission to build the Rock memorial to Swamiji by bringing all forces in the country to make it a reality in India. In US, John Kennedy used space mission to put man on the moon as a target to synergize all intellectual capacities and creativity of science and technology to meet the challenge.

Swamiji’s teachings of combining the best of the East with that of the west was demonstrated in the recent elections in India by gross root work of Karyakartas with a Command center on one hand and modern tools of aggressive marketing using the best of technological tools of electronic social media on the other hand to achieve the results much beyond expectations and predictions.

Whether the leader takes this opportunity to take India to its roots of Renunciation and Service as the twin ideals of India to make India reach the pinnacles of its ancient glory to even higher heights is to be expected by the role model of a leader that has emerged in Sri Narendra Modiji; Probably to translate the prophecy of Swamiji that India will be raised and will reach its highest glory by 2020 to contribute to the world at large to bring Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam through its concept of universal love.

Let us all look forward to that and contribute towards it to build ideal global social orders

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