Let Go – book released

Justice MN Venkatachalaiah releases
Let Go – book of Prof ASN Sastri ji

Let Go - book

Let Go – book

Prof A Satyanarayana Sastri ji had been a pioneer and motivating force behind Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA) movement, giving the wisdom base for all its research contributions, spiritual and therapeutic applications of Yoga.  Being a prolific speaker on Upanisad-s, Yoga-Vasishtha and Bhagavad-Gita, he enchanted thousands of listeners with his scientific exposition and guidedthem in the path of spiritual enquiry. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sastri ji was one of the most influential spiritual masters of his times who could create an impact upon scientific brains like Prof ECG Sudarshan and Dr Amit Goswami. His key note address used to be the highlight in all our international conferences.

This year happens to be the 90th year of Sastri ji’s birth and the tenth year of his mahasamadhi. As a tribute to this great master, Yoga Bharati had published a book “Let Go – Discover Lasting Happiness”, which has the transcribed lectures of Sri Sastri ji, compiled and edited by Sri GS Radhakrishnan. The book was launched in a grand function held on 18th May, Sunday at Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Bsavanguddi, Bangalore. The book was launched by Honourable Justice MN Venkatachalaiah, former Chief Justice of India. Justice MNV spoke on the uniqueness of the book “Let Go” comparing it with other great works on Vedanta. The first copy was received by Dr Ann C DeBaldo, Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida, Tampa and an ardent follower of Sastri ji who recalled her learning experiences with Sastri ji.  Dr Ramachandra G Bhat, Vice Chancellor of S-VYASA presided over the function who emphasized on practical Vedanta- Anushtana Vedanta and Universal Vedanta – Vishwa Vedanta. Sri Raghuramji not only highlighted the greatness of Sastri ji, but congratulated the efforts made by Sri GS Radhakrishnan, Prof Nagabushan and the team who compiled and edited the book.

Dignitaries released the book - Let Go

Dignitaries released the book – Let Go

The function also coincided with the anniversary of Yoga Bharati’s Bangalore Chapter. Smt Shakuntalamma Sastri ji and all others who were involved in the release of the book were all honoured. The function was well attended by all disciples of Sastri ji, well-wishers and students of VYASA and Yoga Bharati. The audience were thrilled to hear Sastri ji’s voice at end of the program. They all opined that the program and the book were apt tribute to the memory of the great master. Sri NV Shantaram is collecting and compiling another book with the reminiscences about Sastri ji and articles are welcome from people who have been benefited from Sastri ji’s teachings.

The book is priced Rs 300 (along with a CD containing the original talk of Sastri ji)
and can be ordered by mailing to:
Subramanian A. Director, Yoga Bharati

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