MD Dissertations

Yoga Dissertations by MD ( Yoga & Rehabilitation) Graduates

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Year 2016-2017

1. Dr. V Suresh Babu
Sleep Architecture in Yoga Practitioners – A Comparative Study

2. Dr. Binod Ghimire
Immediate Effect of Cyclic Meditation on Response Inhibition, Information Processing and State Anxiety in Patients Suffering from Relapsing and Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Self as Control Study

3. Dr. Donirung Reang
Immediate Effect of Integrated Yoga Session on Verbal Fluency, Visuo-Spatial Memory and Cognitive Flexibility on Chronic Multiple Sclerosis Patients- A Pilot Study

Year 2015-2016

1. Dr. Chobe Shivaji Vilas

Effect of Integrated Yoga and physical therapy On Audio-Visual reaction time, anxiety and depression in patients with chronic Multiple Sclerosis: A pilot study

2. Dr. Kumbhare Umashankar Ramchandra

Immediate effect of cyclic meditation on heart rate variability in type 2 diabetes patients

3. Dr. Meghnath

Effect of integrated yoga on anti-psychotic induced side effects and cognitive functions in patients suffering from Schizophrenia

4. Dr. Meenakshi

Relationship of symptom burden and quality of life impairment in head & neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy with perceptions of Yoga intervention

5. Dr. Praerna Hemant Bhargav

Immediate effect of cyclic meditation on cognitive functions in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis: A self-controlled pilot study

6.Dr. Usha Kathyayani

The moderating effect of Mindfulness, Locus of control, and Gunas on perseverative cognition and its application to yoga therapy.

Year 2014-2015

1. Praveen Angadi
Adherence to Yoga in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – A 6 month follow up study
2. Vinutha H T
Effect of integrated approach of yoga therapy on autonomic functions in patients with type 2 diabetes
3. Ruchira Rupesh Joshi
Nādī Tarangini instrument, the efficacy, reliability and standardization of this instrument and the different disorders where it was used

Year 2013-2014

1 Dr. Kashinath Metri

First direct experimental evidence correlating Äyurvedä, based tridosha prakriti with body mass composition and western psychology somatotypes

2 Dr. Prakash Mashyal

To study the safety and usefulness of adding Laghuśankhaprakśālana to the integrated approach of yoga therapy in patients with essential hypertension

3 Dr. Shubhada

Talwadkar Effect of Trataka on cognitive functions in the elderly

4 Dr. Vijayakumar P S

Effect of integrated approach of yoga therapy on implicit and explicit depression in obese

5 Dr. Arun Thulasi

Feasibility and pilot testing of yoga program for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

6 Dr. Pooja More

Naditarangini pulse patterns in type 2 diabetes mellitus


Year 2012- 2013

1. Hemant Bhargav

Frontal Hemodynamic responses to High Frequency yoga Breathing in Schizophrenia: a Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIrS) Study.

2 .Vaibhavi Shridhar Barve

Effect of Holistic Module of Yoga and ayurvedic Shodhana Karma in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

3 .Promila Choudhary

Effect of IaYT on Body Mass Composition and Chi Energy Status in obesity Patients.

4. Richa Vivek Haldavnekar

Immediate effect of Yogic Colon cleansing (laghusankhaprakshalana Kriya) on pain Spinal Flexibility in ClBP

5. Neha Sandeep Pawar

Changes in  autonomic Functions following an Intensive Yoga & ayurveda treatment in Type II Diabetes Patients – a Pilot study.

6. Purnandu Sharma

Measuring changes in cerebral blood flow during a frontal lobe task in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients following an integrated approach of yoga therapy and ayurveda – a pilot study.

Year 2011- 2012

1. Dr Amit Kumar Singh

Changes in triguna, tridosha in type II diabetes after IAYT-A pilot study

2. Dr Ashween Bilagi

Effect of intensive integrated yoga on insulin resistance in Type II diabetes

3. Dr Chincholikar Nagraj

Influence of IAYT on Nerve Conduction in Type II Diabetes

4. Dr Narasimhan S

Statistical Validation and reliability of Ama questionnaire for use in clinical studies

5. Dr Rohith Kumar G

Reliability of pulse metabolic analyzer

6. Dr Shashikant

Comparative study of anthropometric changes in males over the age 60 after yoga

7. Dr Asha B V

Comparative study of event related potential-P300 in diabetes between long term practitioners of yoga and non practitioners of yoga- a cross-  sectional study.

8. Dr Ashwini B C

A Multimodal In-Patient Approach including Yoga, to Rehabilitation of Chronic Neurological Diseases- a Pilot Study in Germany

9. Dr Ashwini R

Influence of regular Yoga therapy on type II Diabetes and cognitive functioning

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 Year 2010-2011

01 Dr Chandra Srilatha Sagi

Impact of long-term integrated yoga practice on sleep quality in Indian geriatric population, a matched control study

02 Dr Neetinakumar Jinagouda Patil

Effect of integrated Yoga Therapy on neurogenic bladder dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients

03 Dr Satyam Tripathi

Validation of an integrated Ayurveda-Yoga module for residential treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus – A compilation from traditional literature


Year 2008-2009

01 Dr Gopinath K

Part I: Rheumatoid arthritis according to ayurveda & Yoga.

Part II: Effect of yoga on pain in patients of rheumatoid arthritis with normal inflammatory measures.

Year 2007- 2008

01 Dr.Deepu V

Part I: Concept of Altered Digestion and Genesis of Diseases and its management according to Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy

Part II: A Cross Sectional Observational Study on the Factors Predicting the Prevalence of CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine)

02 Dr. A Viveka Udupa

Part I: Concept of Pain according to Modern Medicine, Ayurveda and Yoga

Part II: Effect of Yoga in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis – A Randomized Controlled Trial

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