Molecular Biology Laboratory

The Molecular Bioscience Laboratory is dedicated to understanding important biological processes at the molecular level – with the goal of using this knowledge to tackle major problems in human health and disease

The Molecular Biosciences laboratory is an exclusive facility which focuses on the molecular basis of Yogic practices. The techniques that are pioneered in our laboratory include DNA sequencing, microarrays, flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, high performance liquid chromatography, chemiluminescence, and 2D electrophoresis to name a few. The Molecular Bioscience group is working to understand the influence of Yoga at the biochemical, genomic and proteomic levels in states of health and various diseases especially Non-Communicable diseases with special interest to type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer. This work is likely to lead to a better understanding of the Yoga practices which we hope to involve in the regulation of genes and interactions of proteins inside the cell.

The group is also working on development of kits to quantitatively evaluate psychophysiological stress and computational modalities to accrue information from Arogyadhama, a 250 bedded Holistic Health care home. This is likely to give a basic information about the subjective and objective outcomes of the patients further to the practice of yoga.


To understand the mechanisms underlying:

  • Stress information transmission
  • Prevention of NCD’s thro’ Yoga practices
  • Alleviation of complications of NCD’s thro’ Yoga practices

Research Facilities

  • Next Generation Sequencing – Ion Torrent PGM
  • Flow Cytometer – BD FACS Verse
  • RT-PCR – ABI 7500
  • Protein Purification & Extraction – HPLC
  • Fluorescent Microscope – EVOS FL