MSc Dissertations 2004-05

01 Audrey Gomes

Part I: Concept of Intelligence according to Modern Science and Ancient Texts

Part II: A Comparative Study of Three Different Yoga Modules on Intelligence Quotient in Normal School Children

02 P M Kesavan

Part I: Concept of Panca Kosa According to Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part II: Attention and Concentration after Yoga Practices in Normal Health Adults and Students

03 J K Bharatha Lakshmi

Part I: Yoga for Women According to Yoga Texts and Spiritual Lore.

Part II: Efficacy of Three Different Integrated Yoga Modules on Creativity in School Children (13 to 17 year)

04 Dhanraj Singh

Part I: Concept of Svara Yoga.

Part II: Changes in Nasal Dominance at Sunrise and Sunset in Children undergoing Intensive Yoga Training.

05 Aarti Khodani

Part I: Balanced Diet according to Ayurveda and Yoga

Part II: Efficacy of Deep Relaxation Technique on the Psychological Variables of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients

06 Amritanshu Ram

Part I: Concept of Inheritance: A Comparative Study between Philosophers and Scientists

Part II: Apoptotic Index and Qualitative DNA Damage in the Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Advanced Yoga Practitioners, Normal Volunteers and Carcinoma of Breast Patients.

07 Chaitanya C H

Part I: Philosophical Understanding of Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy

Part II: Yogic Relaxation Techniques after CABG

08 R K Gopinath

Part I: Concept of Pyramid and Sri Cakra

Part II: Effect of Pyramids on Preservation of Milk

09 Karuna Nagarajan

Part I: Yoga in the compositions of Sri Thyagaraja & Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra – A study

Part II: Spectrum analysis of Gamaka Svara

10 Lalitha N

Part I: A study on Female Archetypal Characters in Mahabharata

Part II: Chemical Comparison of Sacrificial Ash

11 Nidhi Choudhary

Part I: A Comparison between the Women of Modern Society and of Ancient Times with respect to Stress

Part II: Changes in Heart Rate Variability after Cyclic Meditation Practice in Working Women

12 Neha Recca

Part I: Gayatri Mantra – A Study

Part II: Role of Gayatri Mantra in Optimizing the Random Event Generator

13 Surendra Rawat

Part I: Concept of Yajna with Special Reference to Apthoryama Yajna

Part II: Study of the Effects During Apthoryam Yajna on People, Environment and an Attitudinal Survey

14 Tangeda Ujwala

Part I: The Concept of Fasting

Part II: Mind Sound Resonance Technique after CABG

15 Bairy Srinivas

Part I: Concept of Svapna (Dream Sleep) and Sushupti (Deep Sleep) according to Principal Upanishands

Part II: Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy on Quality of Sleep in patients admitted to a Yoga Therapy Health Home – A Control Study

16 Sujatha K J

Part I: A Comparative Study of Sat Karmas of Yogic Texts & Pancha karmas of Ayurvedic Texts

Part II: Effect of Kunjal Kriya on Heart Rate Variability Spectrum

17 K N Jayalaxmi

Part: I Concept of Prana & Yoga through Spiritual Lore

Part: II Clinical and Anthrometric Changes in Obese Person Undergoing Yoga Intervention with Three Types of Pranayama in Comparison to a Control

18 G V Ramana

Part: I The Holistic Concept of Astangayoga in Yoga, Upanishads and selected Vaisnava Agamas

Part: II Energy Expenditure During Viparitakarani – A Yoga Inverted Posture

19 Sripad H Ghaligi

Part I: Concordance of Yoga Sutras and Bhagavadgita

Part II: Effect of Vedic Chanting on Memory and Sustained Attention