MSc Dissertations 2006-07

01 Anupritha Ashok Shetty

Part I: Importance of Mental Health according to Indian Scriptures

Part II: Complementary effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique as an add on Programme in Patients undergoing Spinal Traction and Inferential Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain.

02 Devika H S

Part I: The Concept of Mental Illness in Ayurveda

Part II: Quantifying the Unmada Symptoms

03 Dhanraj G Shetty

Part I: Prasannatmyendriyamanah

Part II: Role of Perceived Stress ond Motivation in Participants Seeking Yoga Intervention

04 Jyothi Rama Rao

Part I: Science of Yagna

Part II: Efficacy of Agnihotra on Germination of Rice (Oryza Sativa) Seeds – A Controlled Study

05 Krishna Moorthy

Part I: Concept of Anxiety according to Ancient Indian Scriptures

Part II: Effect of Short Term Yoga Intervention on Anxiety States among Healthy Participants.

 06 Mangala S

Part I: A Study on Prakrti with respect to Physical Features of the Body in Ayurveda

Part II: Development of Dhanvantari Personality Inventory (Part I) based on Tridosa with respect to Physical Features of the Body.

07 Malay Sinha

Part I: Concept of Cosmology according to Indian Classical Texts

Part II: Effect of Integrated Yoga Module on Intelligence in School Children – A Randomized Control Study

08 Melinda Irtl Foldine

Part 1: Women’s Yoga Sadhana and Menstrual Cycle.

Part 2: Immediate Effects of Yogic Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises on Vaginal Squeezing Pressure and State Anxiety on Healthy Women – a Control Study

09 Naveen Meghwal

Part I: Concept of Ahimsa according to Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part II: Effects of Yoga on some aspects of Human Personality

10 B R Ramakrishna

Part I: A Study on Pancakosas

Part II: Development of Personality Inventory Based on Pancakosas

11 Sandhya Rani Behera

Part I: Concept of Upasana according to Indian Ancient Texts.

Part II: The Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Module on Intelligence Score in Adolescents (13-17 Yrs)

12 B Sivaramappa

Part I: Concept of Trigona according to ancient Indian Scriptures

Part II: Yoga Practices in BSNL Non-Executive Staff

 13 Suchitra S Patil

Part I: Comparison between the Symptoms of Schizophrenia and Experiences of Spiritual Growth

Part II: Tridosas in Psychotic Disorders

14 Tharangini V

Part I: Concept of Sandyavandana according to Ancient Indian Texts & Literature.

Part II: A Comparative Study of Suryanamaskara and Physical Exercise on Visual Reaction Time in Adolescents.

15 Vaidya Vasudeva

Part I: A Study on Prakrti with respect to Ahara, Vihara and Vicara

Part II: Development of Dhanwantri Personality Inventory Based on Tridosa with respect to Ahara, Vihara and Vicara

16 D S Wodeyer

Part I: The Concept of Jalandhara Bhandha in Ancient Text from Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part: II A Study of Practice of Yoga amongst the Employees and Visitors of the Regional Transport Office.