MSc Dissertations 2007-08

1. Aarti Varma

Part I: Management of Stress through Yoga by Adopting Sutras of Patanjali and Slokas of Bhagavad Gita

Part II: Impact of Yoga on Stress Related Somatic Symptoms

2. Ashish Kumar Shukla

Part I: Suspti according to Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part II: Effect of Yoga on Quality of Sleep in Healthy Persons following a Seven Day Yoga Camp

3. C V Mohan Kumar

Part I: Concept of Depression Through Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part II: Effect of A Short Term Yoga Intervention on Depression Levels Among Normal Subjects

4. Chethan Babu S

Part I: Quality of Physician & Students according to Ayurveda

Part II: Exploration of Perception of Yoga among Medical Students

5. Deeptha

Part I- Study of The Paranormal Phenomena– Glimpses from the Ancient Indian Literature

Part II- A Study of Paranormal Phenomena– A FMRI Study

6. Devaraja

Part I: Brahmacharya and its Concepts in Modern Youth

Part II: Changes in Heart Rate Variability Spectrum (Tread Mill) following an Integrated Yoga Training Program in Police Trainees

7. Divya B R

Part I: Kumbhaka Pranayama

Part II: The immediate effect of Nadishuddhi Pranayam in Heart Rate Coherence and Random Event Generator

8. Gayatri Prakash

Part I: Yogic Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus

Part II: Effects of a Short Term Yoga Intervention and Motivation on Quality of Life Outcomes in Diabetes Subjects

9. Gandhi Yesha Ramesh

Part I: Psychological Analysis of Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Part II: Spectral Analysis of Sanskrta Vowels.

10. Gururaj Pagad

Part I: Yajnas, Yagas, Agnihotra and Homas (Fire-Sacrifices)

Part II: Influence of Homa on Growth Media, Distance, Direction and Microbial Bio-Diversity during Yagna

11. Jayasimha

Part I: The Concept of Vrata

Part II: An Exploration of Perception of Yoga amongst Medical Personnel

12. Jojo K G

Part I: Perception according to Advaita Vedanta with special reference to Vedanta Paribhasa

Part II: The Immediate effect of Trataka on Visual Perception

13. Omkar Sudhakar

Part I: Akkalkot Tradition of Agnihotra

Part II: Effect of Akkalkot Tradition of Agnihotra on the Germination of Rice Seeds as performed by Males and Females – a Control Study

14. G Padmasri

Part I: Sirovedana according to Yoga and Spiritual Texts

Part II: Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy in Head Ache Patients-A Correlation between the Self Reported Pain and Muscle Tension

15. Padmavati L

Part I: Concept of Bhujangasana in Indian Scriptures

Part II: The Effects of Yoga Therapy on Low Back Pain in a non-residential set up

16. Raghavendra R Bhat

Part I: Benefits of Breath Regulation in Indian Scriptures

Part II: Effect of Yoga Practices on Voluntary Regulation of Cardiac Activity

17. Rajashree Ranjita

Part I: Concept of Vataroga and Its Management with Special Reference to Sadhigatavata according to Different Ayurvedic Samhitas

Part II: The Effect of Yoga on Pain, Mobility, Gait and Balance in Patients with Osteoarthritis of Knee

18. Ravindra M Kshirsagar

Part I: Stress Counseling according to Bhagavadgita

Part II: Effect of Yoga Guided Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT) and of Supine Rest (SR) on Autonomic Variables

19. Ruchir Ahuja

Part I: Experience of Trasa according to Indian Scriptures

Part II: A Study of Somatization of Stress & Coping Strategies in Patents following IAYT in a 7 Days Yoga Camp

20. Sasmita Samantaray

Part I: Concept of Svara Yoga

Part II: Nostril Dominance and Performance in Hemisphere Specific Cancellation Task in Normal Volunteers: A Correlation Study

21. Satya Prakash Purohit

Part I: Concept of Atanka Stara (Stress Levels) according to Yoga and Spiritual Texts

Part II: Evaluation of Perceived Stress on Somatization Symptoms following a Short-Term Yoga Intervention

22. Shirane Masanobu

Part I: Correlation Zen and Yogic Meditation

Part II: Effect of Yoga on Somatic Indicators of Distress in Healthy Volunteers

23. Shreeganesha H R

Part I: Concept of Psycho Kinesis according to Yoga and Spiritual Lore.

Part II: Effect of Yoga on Heart Rate Variability, Heart Rate Coherence & Psycho Kinetic Power in School Children – A Randomized Controlled Trial

24. Shruti Anand Kulkarni

Part 1: Concept of Brahmacarini

Part II: Comparative Study of the effect of Akkalkot Tradition of Agnihotra Mantra and Agnikarya Mantra on Germination of Rice Seeds with Chanting by Males and Females

25. D S Sripada Swamy

Part I: Omkara and Nadanusandhana in Scriptures and Yoga Texts

Part II: Effect of Yogic Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT) on Attention and Brain Wave Coherence in Normal Healthy Volunteers

26. R Sudha Rani

Part I: Concept of Humor in Kannada and Sanskrit Literature

Part II: Effect of Humor on the Stress Parameters of IT Professionals-a randomized controlled trial.

27. Sukanya A K

Part I: A Study of Memory according to Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part II: Changes in Brain Wave Coherence and Heart Rate Coherence during kapalabhati, A Yogic Breathing Practice

28. Surya Narayan P

Part I: Concept Katarata in Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part II: Influence of Yoga Program on Anxiety and Depression in Subjects Attending a 1 Week Yoga Camp

29. Usha Mohan

Part I: Attitude to illness according to Triguna Concept of Personality

Part II: Effect of Short Term Yoga on Bronchial Asthma

30. Vasuki Acharya

Part I: Nostril Dominance and Health from the text of Yoga

Part II: Practice of Yoga in Banking Sector Personnel

31. Yogita Bali M R

Part I: Neck Pain – An Ancient View

Part II: Complementary effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique as an add on Programme in Patients undergoing Conventional Treatment for Common Neck Pain

32. Chametcha Singphow

Part I: Prana and Pain according to Ancient Indian Scripture

Part II: Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) for Chronic Low Back Pin- A Randomized Controlled Trial