MSc Dissertations 2008-09

1. Ashutosh Mishra

Part I: Concept of Samskara and Vasanas in Yoga and Spiritual Lore

Part II: Immediate effect of Kapalbhati (high frequency breathing) on Verbal and Spatial Memory in Children

2. Badve Rashmi Narendra

Part I: Teaching, learning and evaluating methodologies according to ancient Indian education system

Part II: Effect of yoga on logical and analytical thinking abilities in high school students

3. Gayathri D

Part I: Concept of a yoga therapist according to ancient Indian scriptures

Part II: Determinants of yoga therapy in a corporate hospital setting

4. A G Govindaraja Setty

Part I: Study of daivi and asuri qualities and their comparison with panas (positive affect-negative affect schedule)

Part II: Effects of yogasana, pranayama, meditation on emotions measured in terms of positive and negative affect schedule on therapy participants

5. Heikham Ranjit Singh

Part I: Comparison of ida, pingala, susmna and yin yang according to Indian scriptures and ancient Chinese scripture

Part II: Prana (chi energy) balances in diabetes after integrated approach of yoga therapy (IAYT)

6. Hyo Rim An

Part I: The concept of cyclic meditation according to yoga and spiritual lore

Part II: Measures of heart rate variability in women following a meditation technique.

7. Indu N P

Part I: Yoga and upanishads

Part II: Spectral analysis of das santi mantras

8. Indumathi V Kale

Part I: Mind analysis according to Bhagavadgita

Part II: Effect of yoga on test anxiety in high school children

9. Lakshmi Narasimhan

Part I: Study of daivisampat & asurisampat characters found in Ramayana

Part II: Effect of integrated yogic practices on positive and negative emotions in healthy adults

10. Laxmipriya Padhi

Part I: Panini siksa

Part II: Spectral analysis of samskrta consonants

11. Manish Pathriya

Part I: Visual perception according to the Indian systems of philosophy

Part II: Perception and attention in children after yoga

12. Meenakshy K B

Part I: Digital meridian imaging tool for yoga research

Part II: Concept of Nada/Meridian and prana/CHI a correlation

13. K S Padmavathi Pramod

Part I: Concept of trigunas in yoga and ayurveda

Part II: Experimental research on validation of gita inventory questionnaire in children population

14. Rajesh S K

Part I: Selected basic concepts in psychology – modern and ancient view

Part II: Effect of yoga on visuomotor accuracy based on a dotting task

15. R K Roshni Raj Lakshmi

Part I: Origin on Vedas

Part II: Spectral analysis of dasa santi mantras

16. Sandesh R Hiremath

Part I: Motivation according to Indian scriptures

Part II: Standardization of a questionnaire to assess treatment motivation in patients seeking yoga therapy for chronic diseases

17. Savitha B R

Part I: Concept of Om meditation according to texts of yoga & spiritual lore

Part II: Study of changes in fetal cardiogram during Om chanting in III trimester normal pregnancy

18. Sudarshan B O

Part I: Surya namaskara as stated in ancient texts and yoga

Part II: Effect of suryanamaskara on stress management – A randomized waitlisted control study on corporate

19. Surabhi Venugopal

Part I: Effect of pranayamas on concentration according to yoga and spiritual lore

Part II: Effect of three pranayamas on digit letter substation test on healthy volunteers

20. Suresh Babu

Part I: Concept of Om according to Atharva Veda Upanishad

Part II: Influence of Yogic Relaxation on the Recovery Process following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting.

21. Sushrutha S

Part I: A study on gayatri mantra with special reference to its phonetic structure

Part II: Changes in higher brain functions following recitation of gayatri mantra

22. Swarup Kumar Konar

Part I: Qualities of a good student according to the scriptures

Part II: Assessment of motivation questionnaire of YIC students

23. M R Usha Rani

Part I: Concept of diabetes and lifestyle according to ayurveda and ancient texts

Part II: Determinants of yoga therapy in a corporate hospital setting

24. Vijayakrishna Padukone

Part I: Food, Diet & Nutrition according to Yoga Texts

Part II: A Survey of Yoga Practices Amongst Employees of Hotel Industry in Bangalore City, after observing Requisite Protocol.