MSc Dissertations 2009-10

1. Aravind Prasad V.V.

Part I: Vedic recitation by women – a critical study

Part II: Effect of Gayatri mantra chanting on higher brain function in school girls

2. Arunita Patra

Part I: Introduction to Samaveda.

Part II: Spectral analysis of Samavedic mantra and a Comparative study with santi mantras and seven notes of music (svaras).

3. Geetarani Pradhan

Part I: Concept of padmasana according to ancient Indian texts

Part II: Changes in autonomic functions following padmasana – a yogic meditative posture

4. Jin Sook Park

Part I: Life Journey in eco-balance (The study of the four stages of Asrama.

Part II: Effect of Intensive Yoga Training Program on Basic Brain Functions (BBF) in Normal Healthy Volunteers

5. Kim Eunjoo

Part I: Emotion culture in personality and spiritual development according to bhakti yoga.

Part II: A study of the Influence of a residential personality development camp on children emotion using a mood thermometer.

6. Kuntal Ghosh

Part I: Deformity in hearing and speech (deafiness and dumbness)

Part II: Stroop effect on deaf and dumb children

7. Meghana S Deshpande

Part I: Comparison between delusion and spiritual experience that resembles delusion

Part II: Feasibility and effectiveness of yoga as an add on treatment in wait-list project patients with schizophrenia

8. Monali Madhusmita

Part I: Dance therapy to improve spinal flexivility

PartII: To compare the effect of IAYT and Physiotherapy and IAYT and Ayurvedic treatment

9. Morgan sundn

Part I: The Connection between breath and attention according to swara yoga

Part II: Can yogic breathing enhance learning? A study on the influence of pranayama on Sustained attention in elementary school students.

10. Naorem Arjun singh

Part I: Concept of effects of bhastrika pranayama on memory according to yoga and spiritual lore.

Part II: Influence of regular bhastrika pranayama practice in integrated yoga training camp on immediate memory for recall.

11. Neetu S.

Part I: Concept of A-kar, U-kar and AUM-kar and their psychophysiological benefit of chanting according to yogic texts and spiritual lore

Part II: Changes in the stroop effect after Nadi Suddhi

12. Neha Kaushik

Part I: Kapalabhati and its Types according to Different Classical yogic texts.

Part II: Effect of Supervised Kapalbhati Practices on Memory in Primary School Children.

13. Nidhi

Part I: concept of mother according to ancient texts

Part II: Influence of yoga practice on children’s adjustments: A study on community home children

14. Pragati Oswal

Part I: A comparative study of the concepts of diagnosis and management of fractures (Astibhagnga) from the points of view of Ayurveda and conventional medicine.

Part II: The effect of add-on yogic prana energization technique on healing of fresh fractures – a randomized control study.

15. Rangaji Ramachandran

Part II: Role of IAYT in the management of Osteoporosis.

16. K.C. Rasmi

Part I: Concept of alcohol-addiction According to modern and acient scriptures.

Part II: Effect of an integrated yoga approach on alcohol craving, depression and anxiety levels.

17. K Saravanan

Part I: Concept of svapna according to Indian scriptures

Part II: Effect of a short-term yoga intervention on quality of sleep among medically ill participants

18. Shambhu Prasad Shaw

Part I: suksma Vyayama

Part II: Effect of suksma vyayama on school children

19. Sitansu Sekhar Mohantry

Part I: Quality of Life according to Vedanta and yogic texts

Part II: Assessing emotional intelligence at work & the quality of life of employed middle aged adults with regula yoga practice a comparatice study

20. Vikas Rawat

Part I: The Psych physiological concept of surya Namskara according to various ancient text

Part II: A study of the role of combined yoga technique in Children’s memory.