MSc Dissertations 2010-11

01 Anuj Kumar Tiwari

Part I: Prayer in cyclic meditation

Part II: The immediate effect of cyclic meditation on hand grip endurance

02 Deepashree C A

Part I: The Concept of putraha / putri and family values according to sastras

Part II: Perceived self-control of Students into regular Yoga practice – A comparative study

03 Dharmendra Kumar Soni

Part I: Concept of abhinivesa according to Yoga and spiritual lore

Part II: Influence of Yoga & adventure sports in anxiety levels of adolescents padmasana – a yogic meditative posture

04 K Kesavan

Part I: The concept of Ashtanga Yoga according to Tirumandiram

Part II: Impact and mechanisms of Yoga on diabetes

05 P Mallikarjun Reddy

Part I: The state of health based on triguna

Part II: Relationship between spiritual well-being, trigunas and general health

06 Nidhish J Nidhiri

Part I: Scriptural references on bhramari pranayama

Part II: Effect of bhramari pranayama on heart rate variability

07 Poonam Surindara Joshi

Part I: Impact of styana in working field

Part II: A comparison of two techniques for controlling type II diabetes

08 Poornima Mukund Maigur

Part I: Nada-Yoga for spiritual growth

Part II: Influence of regular Yoga practice among adolescent internet addicts

09 Radhika Anil Amin

Part I: Role of satya in society making it ideal according to Indian scriptures

Part II: Temperament analysis of female jail inmates:understanding the role of integrated yoga practices

10 Rananjay Pratap Singh

Part I: Importance of vyayama according to ancient scriptures

Part II: Combine effect of Yoga and physical exercise on motor fitness in school children

11 Ravanth Indana

Part I: Process of achieving a tranquil state of citta according to Patanjali

Part II: Effect of bhramari pranayama on attention and concentration in healthy adolescents

12 V Shankar Kumaran

Part I: Significance of brahma muhurtha with reference to ancient Indian scriptures

Part II: The influence of brahma mugurtha on the ability to remember and focus attention in healthy male volunteers

13 Sharad Saini

Part I: Concept of Health

Part II: Effect of kapalabhati and pranayama (yoga breathing) on muscular endurance

14 Saurabh Chaudhary

Part I: Bhagavadgita and management

Part II: Efficacy of Yoga in executive stress

15 Shishupal Kumar

Part I: Concept of vamana dhauti according to scriptures and Yoga texts

Part II: Safety of Yogic vomiting (vamana dhauti) in uncomplicated type II diabetics

16 Subir Ghosh

Part I: Yogic diet (ahara) according to ancient Yoga scriptures

Part II: Congruence between implicit and explicit measures of self-esteem in Yoga practitioners

17 Sumati Badhei

Part I: Happiness analysis according to Upanishads

Part II: Effect of integrated approach of Yoga therapy on sensor perception in type 2 diabetes

18 Taruna Malik

Part I: Dharana according to yoga and spiritual lore

Part II: Critical flicker fusion immediate effect after trataka.

19 Viral Jayshankar Raval

Part I: Upasana according to ancient Indian scriptures

Part II: Immediate effect of mind imagery technique (MIRT) on blood glucose level in type 2 diabetes

20 Mrs Vedavati Udupa

Part I: Citta according to Yoga text

Part II: Comparative study of effect of Yoga and physical activity on comprehension and analogy in 7-9 year old (Economically underprivileged) school children – A stratified randomized control study.