MSc Dissertations 2011-12

M.Sc. (Yoga & Consciousness) 

1. Ananda Raj Paudel

A comparative study of the material and yogic sciences in the context of studying conscisousness

2. Jitendra Kumar Pradhan

Counseling for modern mind with spe- cial reference to bhagavad gita

3. Karthik Wagle

Sublimation of manas (mind)

4. Krishna Kumar

Concept of trigunas according to the bhagavad- gita

5. Manjunatha N. Hegade

5 typology of yajna according to tait- tiriya aranyaka

6. Gajanan Kishor Saraf

Consciousness according to shaddarsanas

7. Shambhunatha D. Bhat

Highest life value – path of sannyasa

M.Sc. (Yoga) 

1. Bharath N Joshi

Prananusandhanam & Effect of yoga on spiri- tual well being

2. R Sendhil kumar

Neurological disorders accrording to ayurveda & Effect of pranayama and meditation as an add-on therapy in rehabilitation of patients with guittain barre syn- drome

3. Dr Venugopal H J

Triguna prakrti assessment & Correlation between triguna prakrti questionnaires of ayusoft and person- aliy inventory

4. Dr Chaya B V

The effect of integrated approach of yoga thera- py on quality of life in patients in chronic diseases

5. Chetana S Deshpande

The effect of integrated yoga on of ma- ternal stress in high risk pregnancy

6. Jayashree R hegde: A comparative study on the concept of antenatal care (garbhini parichaya) from the

point of view of ayurveda and conventional medicine & Effect of integrated ap- proach of yoga therapy on platetetis high risk pregnancy

7. Dr A Malini

High risk pregnancy according to ayurveda & Ef- fect of integrated approach of yoga therapy on uric acid

8. Shalini C H

Concept of chanchalata, ekgrata and dharma ac- cording to indian scriptural texts

9. Sridevi K

Understanding the concept of dharma dhyama and Samadhi according to ancient text & effect of integrated yoga on sustained attention and self esteem in high school children