MSc Dissertations 2012-13

1. Kaushal Kumar

Part I: Effect of Bhramari according to different yogic texts.

Part II: Immediate effect of Bhramari on reaction Time Task.

2. Anand B Sanghavi

Part I: Immediate effect of asana on stop signal task measuring response inhibition in yogic students.

3. Soubhagyalaxmi Mohanti

Part I: Theory of Karma in relation with Diseases |

Part II: The effect of Yoga on Proprioception with Congeitally Blind Students.

4. Hai-Jen lee

Part I: review of literature on Health according to ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy |

Part II:  Effect of Integrated Yoga on Sustained attention, Concentration and General Heal of Students

5. Aradhana Shukla

Part I:  Concept of Ekagrata and Dharana  accroding to yoga and Spriritual  lore |

Part II:  Immediate effect of Kapalabhati (High frequence breathing) on reaction Time.

6. Angelica Chandrasekeran

Part I: Concept of Prayer & Significance of Lord Ganapati according to Vedic Tradition |

Part II:  Effect of Thoppukaranam on Selective attention and Mental concentration, State Mindfulness and state anxiety in young adults.

7. Bindu Suresh

Part I: relevance of Sakthi Bhava according to Scriptures.

Part II:  Mindfulness and its relationship to resilience Psychological Distress among nursing students.

8. Monali D Mathad

Part I: Concept of emotion regulation according to patanjali yoga sutra |

Part II: Effect of Yoga on psychological wellbeing in Diploma nursing students – randomized controled study.

9. Harisha  K K

Part I: Concept of lord Shiva and Vishnu in Indian Scriptures

Part II:  reg studies on different types of lecture sessions.

10. Vasudeva rao

Measuring Guna prevalence with reg – a Pilot study.

11. Chirag S Hakked

Part I: role Pranayama (Yogic Breathing practices) in improving the endurance and performance of competitive swimmers.

M.Sc (Yoga & Education)

1. Mamata Mohanty

Part I : Color- Its role in Human life perspective to the Indian Tradition |

Part II: Immediate effect of Bhramari Pranayama among school students using stroop test.

2.  Seema Godse Derle

Part I: Gayatri Mantra | Part II: Immediate effect of Gayatri Mantra chanting on attention in school students.

3. Dayananda  H V

Part I:  obstacles in the path of yoga practice

4. Namita Rani Das

Part I:  Prajsa according to Indian texts and scriptures.

Part II: Immediate effect of two yoga based breathing technique in vigilance on healthy adolescents

5. Anupama Rajagopalan

Dances, Emotions and reg studies on different types of dances.

M.Sc (Yoga & Consciousness)

1. Harsha N

lord Sri Krishna as an eye opener in light of the Bhagavad-Gita

2. Miyako T C

Preparation of the mind for final Knowledge in the light of Upanishad  & Yoga Sutra.

3. Rajesha H K

The Song of the Sanyasin

4. Suresha R

Vedantic Pedagogy