MSc Dissertations 2013-14

M.Sc (Yoga and Consciousness)
1 Madhukeshwara Hegade
Effect of Saraswati Yajna on the human energy field as measured by Gas Discharge visualization technique.
2 Rakesha C S
A critical study on human transformation based on yoga school of philosophy.

M.Sc (Yoga)
1 Baiju Varghese
Effect of IYM on Psycho-spiritual well being to technical students’ – A randomized control trial.
2 Chunduru Jyotsna Valli
Influence of Yogic Practices on stimulation of Thyroid Hormone.
3 Karamjit Singh
Measuring frontal hemodynamic responses to Surya Anuloma-viloma and Chandra Anuloma-viloma Pranayama in healthy volunteers using functional near IR spectroscopy.
4 Zala Kalpesh
Ratilal Immediate effect of MSRT on BWC.
5 Manish Kumar Agarwal
Effect of meditation on brain wave coherence in normal healthy volunteers.
6 Naorem Uttamkumar Singh
Psychological Correlation between Drug abuse and Normal people.
7 Prashant Kumar Singh
Immediate effect of Trataka on Optic Illusion.
8 Agamjeet Kaur
Effect of MSRT on emotional intelligence in software managers.
9 Satyabrata Sahoo
Immediate effect of Asana on Psycho-physiological changes.
10 Mandeep Singh
Hindi Translation of Vedic Personality Inventory.
11 Sunita Vaishnav
Psychometric properties of Hindi version mind attention awareness scale.
12 Kiriti Bhusan Ghosh
Relationship between Dispositional mindfulness and Emotion regulation among middle adolescents.
13 Nayan Kumar Mandal
Immediate effect of acupressure track on normal healthy volunteers.
14 Joydeb Mondal
Immediate effect of two higher frequency breathing practices on autonomic functions in healthy university.
15 Parameshwar Some
Immediate effect of Nadishuddhi Pranayama in BWC.
16 Biplob Mondal
Immediate effect of Mudras on Electro Photonic imaging parameters on Novice Healthy adults.
17 Rammurthy V
Changes in Heart Beat Variability following yogic visual concentration.
18 Song Yanhua
Efficacy of an Integrated approach of Yoga Therapy in the Management of Knee Pain.
19 Madhusudan Das
Effect of Nadishuddhi follower by Kapalabhati.
20 Bandana Dey
Immediate effect of Bhajan on attention.
21 Khokan Halder
Immediate effect of single session of Asanas on arterial blood pressure.
22 Manish Ranjan
Immediate effect of Bhramari Pranayama on Brain wave coherence in normal healthy volunteer.
23 Jigisha Mehta
Effect of Bhagavatam Discourse on REG to find out the changes in consciousness field.
24 Priti Nandi
Effect of IYM on perceptibility of stress & emotional competence based on coping strategy on Type-II DM
25 Mollika Ganguly
Effect of 10 days of IYM on Type II DM based on their personality traits on their stress levels
26 Nivedita Biliangadi
Immediate effect of OM chanting and executive test on stoop task
27 Vipin Dhansoia
Immediate effect of Bhramari Pranayama on state anxiety & Cognitive function in patient suffering from generalized anxiety
28 Narender Kumar
Effect of yoga on psychological well being in Rural Adolescence(A control study)
29 Rahul Singh
Relationship between Yogic personality Guna and Psychological Well –Being
30 Dushyant Sharma
Effect of holistic therapy on obesity
31 Rahul Narang
Immediate effect of CM on Blood Glucose level of type 2 Diabetes mellitus patient
32 Krishna Kumar Pandey
Effect of two week intensive Integrated yoga therapy on Body Mass Index & resting metabolic rate in diabetes –two group pre-post study
33 Vani K V
Effect of Indian classical music and integrated yoga in reducing state anxiety during normal pregnancy: a control group.
34 Vanaja Gharde
Effect of ante natal yoga on pregnancy outcome, in an urban obstetric practice, a controlled state.
35 Saila V
Effect of Indian Classical Music and Integrated Yoga in reducing State Anxiety during normal pregnancy

36 Sindhu Shanker
Effect of kalam on pregnancy out (fetal outcome).
37 Leena Kumari M
Effect of time (kalam) of delivery on the outcome of pregnancy. (Maternal outcome).

M.Sc (Yoga and Education)
1 Isha Shukla
IAYT for Heart Disease – Validation