MSc Dissertations 2014-15

1. Ningthoukhongjam Premchandra Singh
Relationship between Spiritual Beliefs and Perseverative Thinking among Young Adults
2. Akhil Chaudhary
Effect of Integrated Yoga Module (IYM) on energy level and overall health in healthy Volunteers
3. Buddhadev Bag
Effect of Surya Namaskar on psychological wellbeing
4. Krishna Chaitanya P
Relation Ship between Yoga Related Constructs and Psychological Well-Being among IT& ITES Professionals
5. Sarungbam Rajshree Chanu
Effect of listening to Vedic chanting and State Anxiety and Mindfulness
6. Ananda Gaihre
Relation between yoga relative construct and psychological wellbeing in emerging adult
7. Sarangthem Telent Meitei
Efficacy of Cyclic Meditation on reducing Music Performance Anxiety On Rock Musicians
8. Naoroibam Rosy Devi
Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) on psychological states and CD4 counts of HIV-1 infected Patients: A Randomized controlled pilot study
9. Suman Bista
Insomnia in Patients Suffering from Chronic Medical Illnesses: Prevalence and impact of IAYT
10. Vinay Shukla
Effect of one month Surya Namaskara practice on psychological wellbeing in college students
11. Mahizham A
Effect of IAYT on pain- related fear in chronic low back pain patient
12. Abhay Singh
Psychometric properties of Hindi version problem areas in diabetes scale
13. Sarungbam Joyshree Chanu
Effect of one week Integrated approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) on Peak Expiratory flow Rate (PEFR), 6 min walk test, anxiety and sleep quality index in Asthma Patient
14. Deepika Sharma
Effect of MSRT as an add-on to yoga Therapy on Quality of sleep, pain, stress and anxiety in patients suffering from Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
15. Mandeep Singh
Effect of intensive integrated approach of yoga therapy on osteoarthritis of knee
16. Hayoon Jung
Effect of Yoga on Preservative thinking, Mind wandering and Mindfulness in unhealthy volunteers
17. Deepika Pasricha Rawal
Electrodermal assessment of acupunture point stimulation to increase meridian energy flow
18. Gaurav Kumar
A 4 year follow-up of patients with diabetes who underwent the integrated approach to yoga therapy (IAYT) intervention at Kalyan-Nagar, Bangalore
19. Vandana Suresh
Protective value of nadishuddhi pranayama against effects of mobile phone induced electromagnetic radiations on subtle energy levels of adolescents: a randomized cross over pilot study

MSc (Yoga-Consciousness)

1. Arunraj v
A study on nature of Samadhi (different levels of Consciousness)
2. Chandramouli
Critical analysis of common features in Yoga and Ayurveda
3. Deopujari Pushkar Parag
A study on Concept of Shoucha (Purity) in the light of Scriptures
4. Ganesh S Bhat
Lifestyle according to Indian traditional scriptures
5. Rukmangada N
A study on happiness analysis in the mundane world as presented in Yoga and Vedanta texts

Distance MSc (Yoga)

1. Jalandhar
Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy on Back pain as measure by Rolland Morris Disability Index
2. Sanjiv Kedia
Long Term Effect of IAYT on the no. Of Asthma Attack and Hospital visit: A follow up study
3. Amit Ghosh
Effect of Perceived stress scale in Type 2 DM Patients
4. Sumitabh Ghosh
Effect of Om on quality of life and P.S.S. in female adolescence
5. K. Vasudevevan Namboodiri
Effect of Yoga on Pscho-Physiological Health outcomes in Teachers
6. PVR Murty
Effect of Yoga on Minimum Muscular Fitness in Visually Impaired School Children
7. David Singh Hijjam
Effect of Surya-Namaskar on Memory among different female at Imphal west district of Manipur State.
8. Ajay Naryan Waikar
The Effect of one Month Yoga Program on Psychological Well Being in Substance Abuse.
9. Jeevitha. S
Mindfulness in diabetes
10. R.Krishna Kumar
Impulsivity in diabetes
11. Tapani Paridha
Effect of IAYT on symptom score and medication score in asthma patients.
12. HR Srrenivasa
Efficacy of Yoga on Type II Diabetes on Residents of Kempegowda Nagar
13. Jayashree Khakhria
Effect of One Month Integrated Yoga Practice on Psychological Variables, CBC & Blood Glucose level in Diabetic Patients
14. Dhanashree Nitin Kumar Patil
Validation of yoga module for menstrual disorder
15. Maibam Honison Singh
Impact of Night Shift work on Anxiety in IT Professionals
16. Sushant Kumar Mohanty
Impact of Night Shift work on Anxiety in IT Professionals
17. Tikhe Ashwini Sham
Yoga for mid-life crisis: managing over weight in mid-life T2DM
18. Hema BN
Effect of Tin Day Yoga based Vacation Program on Short term and working memory on School
19. Bindu Jain
Prevalence and Perception of CAM in Indian Cancer Patients during and Post Treatment
20. Muniratna M
Effect of MSRT (Yogic Relaxation) on Stress & Anxiety in Women Undergoing IUF.
21. Mallika B.K
Rate of Diabetes and Prevelance among Tribals in Karnataka – A Survey
22. Erukatla Harikrishna
Effect Yoga on Self-Esteem and Cognitive Functions in School-children
23. Tinny Pushp
Effect of Yoga on Social Adjustment in Adolscence
24. Gogi reddy koti Reddy
Effect of Yoga on Cognitive Function and Attitude Towards Violence in School Children
25. Ashwini HR
Effect of one month Residential Yoga Program on measuring the positive and negative attitude
26. Renu Singh
Evaluation of Anxiety, Depression and Stress Level on Asthmatic Patients.
27. Ravishankar Kumar
Effect of Yoga on Intervention on psychological staes in orphanage children
28. Lalit Madaan
Effect of Three Months Yogasana on B.P. , Lipid Profile and Heamotogical Parameters in Healthy adults
29. Subarna Surajita Mohanty
Effect of Yoga on Intervention on psychological staes in orphanage children
30. Vikram M.
Effect of Yoga on Social Competency in Children
31. Ajay Giridhar.P
The Effect of one Month Yoga Program on Psychological Well Being in Substance abuse
32. Anita Arpita Ashok Pednekar
Effects of Yoga on Self-Esteem and Cognitive Function
33. Nayana Bhat
Effect of one month of yoga practice on anthropometric, Psychological and genitive function in women with Chronic disease
34. Raji Kapila
The Effect of 1 month Yoga Training on Lipid Profile, Anthropometric measurements and stress and fatigue. A comparative study.
35. Savithri Nilkantham
Effect of six months Intense Yoga Practice on Lipid Profile and TSH levels in women with Hypothyroidism.
36. Patil Seema Vishnupat
Immediate effect of LSP on fasting blood sugar level in diabetic patients
37. Sonal Kanwar
Effect og 6 weeks of yoga training on cognitive function and psychological states in elderly living in oldage home
38. S.A Lucas Gracian
Effect of Yoga in Reduction of Distress, Depression and Improvement of Quality of Sleep Among Old People (Women)
39. Anita Subodh Patil
Effect of MSRT on Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue in Working Women
40. Pardeep Tarade
Long Term Effect of Yoga on Anxiety, Depression, Distress in School Teachers
41. Ravindra T Revankar
Prevalence of Diabetes Risk in Hubli-Dharwad Population
42. ShamnaT V
Combined Effect of Pranayama & Ayurvedic Treatment on Artheritis
43. Nandhitha Dasharath
Validation of Specific Yoga Module For Geriatrics and To Determine Its Effect on Subjective Mood, Chronic Pain Coping, Hand Steadiness and Mindfulness in Older Adults – A community based control Study
44. Rashmi Atul Bapat
Development At Garbha According to Ancient Text
45. Dr. Jyothi Sajjan
Effect of Yoga on Dysmenorhea in Adolescents
46. Shalome Jayaram
Assess the Effect of IAYT of Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness on Chronic Disease
47. Bharathi Patil
Effect of Yoga on Prison Population
48. Manshu Agrey
Immediate Effect Bhramari on Visuo-spatial Working Memory in Growing Children
49. Deb Kumar
Immediate effect of bowl sound therapy and M.S.R.T. on state anxiety and psychomatic performance in health volunteer.
50. Dr. Sumathy
Association of digestive disorerliness with the chief complains fo other systems in the body
51. Krishan Kutty
52. Durga C
The effect of Nadi Suddi Pranayama on Perceived stress & burn out levels among working professionals study