MSc Dissertations 2016-17

1.Lopamudra Gupta
Effect of yoga on Preservative Cognition and Pulmonary Functions in Hypertensive Patients :A Single Arm Pilot Study
2.Gowtham C
To study the prevalence and IAYT effect on diabetes and high risk population in rural Karnataka – a survey and pre-post design
Effect of Yoga On Productivity and Health of Button Factory Workers: A Single arm open Label Study
4.Jayanthi Rao H R
An Impact Of Integrated Approach Of Yoga Therapy on Chronic Constipation : Single-Arm Design
5.Praveen Kumar B
To study the prevalence and IAYT effect on diabetes and high risk population in rural Karnataka – A survey and pre-post design
6.Zhang Qiaoyi

7.SatyajitSinh Dharmendrasing Zala
Effect of Yoga on Psycho – Physical Fitness Among NCC Army Cadets
8.Emmanni Sireesha
To Study The Prev Alence and IAYT Effect on Diabetes and Highrisk Population in Rural Karnataka – A Survey and Pre – Post Design
9.Albert K C
Effect of Eight Weeks of Yoga Program on Psychological Well – Being of the Seminarians
10.Saumya Bitla
Effect of Bhramari Pranayama on Metacognition and Mindfulness in High School Children
11.R. Deepmala Rao
Effect of Cyclic Meditation on Sleep Quality, Mindfulness and Preservative Cognition in Corporate employees : A Controlled Trial
12.Sumati Mishra
Study of Healing Using Electro photonic Imaging on Water and Human Systems
13.Pallavi M
Effect of one week Integrated Approach of yoga Therapy Intervention on Cognitive Function in Hypertensive Patients
14.Amrita Ghimire
Effect of IAYT on Damage
15.Dilip Kumar Mahato
Acute Effects of Yoga Based Lifestyle Intervention on Anxiety and Depression – A Questionnaire Based Study
16.Pritika Chauhan

17.Rupam Mishra
Effect of complementary therapies on mindfulness and symptom score in participants suffering from chronic musculoskeletal diseases.
18.Shivam Singh
Psychometric Properties of Hindi Version Perceived Stress Scale and ITS Relation to mindfulness
19.Vijaylakshmi. P

20.Shree Ram Pandey

21.Sidda Nagaraju
Relationship Between Mindfulness and Psychological Well – Being among the Seminarians
22.Shivaditya Purohit
Effect of two weeks yoga intervention on mindfulness, mental wellbeing and depression in Delhi police personnel
23.Srinibas Panda
Effect of mahämåtyuïjaàya mantra on sleep quality on sleep disturbed patients- a pilot study
24.Chanda Yoganandu
changes in heart rate variability following one month yoga practice
25.Leah Goerk
Effect of Integrated Complementary Therapies on Physical & Psychological Variables of Individuals With Chronic low Back Pain
26.Shikha moni Nath

27.Jintu Kurian
Mindfulness, State Anxiety, and Heart Rate Variability Dynamics in Healthy Adults
28.Kankan Gulati
Effect of integrated approach of yoga therapy on symptoms of sensory processing disorder in autistic individuals
29.Naresh Kumar Patel
Effect of Mastering Emotional Technique (MEMT) on Emotional regulation on college students.
30.Darshan G R
Effect of Bhramari pranayama on the mindfulness & academic performance of rural children with lower socio economic status
31.Jagdeep Sharma
immediate effect of bhramari pranayama on cardiac autonomic variable in patient with hypertension
32.Uma Bastola
Effect of yoga on blood pressure, cognition and altitude adaptation in novice low land trekking population
33.purna bahadur shahi
Immediate effect of Kenichi Kumakiri energy healing technique on yoga students
34 Annu Kumari

MSc (Yoga and Consciousness)
1.Anatha Sharma
Contribution of yoga for realization as per Vedantic doctrine
2.Raghuveer Billigadde
Health aspect of Surya Upasana and Ayurveda – a critical study
3.Rajesh KR
Life aspiration and human life
4.Umesha Hegde
Culturing the mind in the light of Bhagavad Gita
5.Bhaskar KS
Role of yoga in acquiring atma jnana
6.Dattatreya Dixit
Critical study of eligibility according to science of yoga
7.Gajanana Bhat
Comparative study of Ayurveda and yoga to maintain good health
Analysis of yogic ultimate state – self establishment leading to sublimating the mind
9.Avinash Chettiyar B
Development of happiness(ananda) based on ancient scriptures
10.Shreenath KP
Extraction of pulse parameters from nadi tarangini to classify healthy and unhealthy volunteers – a pilot study
11.Lee Young Joo
Acute effect of Surya Namaskara on acu-meridian energies in young adults
12.Nadezhda Baissalova
Study of effects of subliminally primed Sri Yantra and Dharsana on Sri Yantra using priming paradigm: a randomized study

Distance MSc (Yoga)

1.C Annamalai
Prevalence of depression in orphanage children: A comparative cross-sectional study
2.Dr Anooshe
Impact of yoga on hyper activity in ADHD students
3.S Bharnidharan
Prevalence of anxiety in orphanage children: A comparative cross-sectional study
4.Anuradha Mewera
Effect of 10 days residential yoga program on cognitive functions in school children
5.Deepa Bisht
Effect of Yoga Practice on Fasting Blood Sugar Level in type 2 diabetics
6.Manjari Sharma
Effect of Yoga Practice on Fasting Blood Sugar Level in type 2 diabetics
7.Puneet Kaushik
Effect of Yoga on body mass composition in obese individuals
8.Vaijayanti Navare
Yoga as career awareness survey
9.Shrutikaa Uchil
Effect of Sudharshan Kriya on psychological status and cognitive functions in healthy volunteers: A controlled study
10.Kanchan Halder
Effect of yoga on anxiety in B.Ed College Students
Evaluation of happiness and spiritual well-being among advance yoga meditators
12.G. Padma
Correlation of Yoga based psychological attributes (Trigunas) with life satisfaction , General health and perceived stress
13.Bhagath KP
Effect of Rudra Parayanan on Human Energy Field
14.Supreeth S
Effect of Integrated Yoga Module On Positive and Negative Attitude and Quality of Life
15.B Satyavani
Effect of one week yoga therapy on fasting blood sugar in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients at Kakinada Andhra Pradesh
16.D. Nuthan Kumar
Diabetes Risk Assessment on Adults In Hyderabad city
17.Hijam Ranjeeta Devi
Effect of one month yoga on anxiety and depression level in patients with depression.
18.Pawna Kumari
Effect of yoga on perceived stress on cognitive function in children
19.Chetankumar Bhagvat
Effect of Yoga on blood pressure and heart rate in hypertensive patients
20.Pramod Vyas
Effect of one month yoga practice on blood pressure and heart in hypertension – A comparative study
21.Hemlatha Gupta
Effect of Yoga on sleep quality, stress and psychological state in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
22.Dr. Vibhuti Samarth Rao
Effect of Yoga as add on to Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS- A Comparative Study
23.D. Balamurugan
Immediate effect of yoga on Anxiety and Cognitive function in Management Students.
24.Pooja Rao R
A Comparative Study of Perceived stress, trait anxiety and self esteem in rural and urban under graduate students.
25.Rinki Sharma
Yoga as carreer awareness survey
26.Raghunandan V
Effect of Yoga based breathing Techniques on impulsivity, emotion and sleep in software professionals
27.Khushboo Arya
Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Professional Kathak Dances -Pilot Study
28.Asha Ravi Kiran
Effect of Yoga on QOLID(Quality of life in India Diabetics) with type 2 diabetes mellitus
29.Shweta Kiran Kumar
Effect of Ten days Yoga Therapy on Fasting Blood Sugar in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
30.Venu Gopalan
Effect of yoga on cognition in school children
31.Anuradha Das
Effect of Suryanamaskar practice on mental health in house wives
Effect of yoga on psychological health in NRI IT professional in US
33.Sowmya R
Effect of Yoga on Psychological well -being among adolescent
34.Priya Ramaswaamy
Immediate effect of listening to Indian raga -bowl on cognition in children, (10-12 years)”- A comparative pilot study
35.Aishwarya Vaibhav Joshi
Immediate effect of MSRT on cardiac variables in hypertension
36.Mamta Ratnaparkhe
Effect of pranayama practices in enhancing the pulmonological and psychological capacities in middle adolescents girls
37.B Sharavana
Relation between mindfulness and non-attachment and death anxiety among emerging adults
38.Saranga Biman Gogoi
Effect of Yoga on Pain, Fatigue, Stress and Quality of life of Diamond Cutting Workers
39.Srishti Chopra
To investigate and find the prevalence of low self esteem, anxiety and depression in lower socio – economic back ground- survey
40.Ratan Kumar
Effect of Yogic games and Pranayamas on school children with exam anxiety
41.Surekha Ratana
Hypertension and cognition
42.Asha Kuloor
Efficacy of Yoga on anxiety, dipression and QOL in patients with HIV-1 infection – A Randomized Controlled Study
43.Usha M
Impact of Yoga on Depression, Self Esteem, Quality of life and loneliness in house hold women who were previously professionals
44.Swathi Murthy
Effect of Yoga on Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness in Tennis Players before Participating in Competition
45.Dr. Vidyashree M
Effect of Shirodhara as add on therapy to IAYT on anxiety, depression and mindfulness on hypertensive patients – A Comparative Study
46.Venkata Ramana Guntaka
Efficacy of yoga on anxiety, depression and perceived stress in women in PCOS
47.Krishna Kumar V
Effect of air conditioner on cardiac variables in Indian professional workers
48.Manasa H M
Effect of Yoga therapy on depression in post MI patients
49.Mangesh Pandey
To investigate and study the Prevalence of Insomnia in IT Professionals
50.V Vijayalakshmi
Effect of Yoga Practices on well being among unprivileged female students
51.Santhosh Krishnan K S
Awareness of Yoga as a Career in PUC Students
52.Gilroy D’ Costa
Effect of Yoga on Marital Happiness – A Pilot Study
53.Yogabid Hiren Sarkar
Effect of Yoga 2 weeks practice on fasting blood glucose level in type 2 DM
54.Vijiya Rohra
To investigate and study the prevalence of sleep disorder in IT Professionals
55.Maria Lena Fernandes
Development and validation of an integrated yoga therapy module for bronchial asthma
56.Shilpa Jain
Effect of yoga on state anxiety in dental anxiety patients RCT
57.R Narayanan
Effect of Yoga on Anxiety in Post MI Patients- A Randomized Control Pilot Study
58.Ashoka V
Yoga as career awareness survey
59.Bahirwaji Chandrashekhar J
Effect of long term yoga practice on cognitive function and emotional states in elderly
60.Amit Kumar
Effect of 2 week Yoga based lifestyle intervention on clinical symptoms and cognitive functions of patients suffering from Obsessive compulsive disorder
61.Marri Dayanand Reddy
Immediate effect of Bhramari pranayama on working and short term memory in school children: A self as control group study.
62.Trupti Karda
Effect of cyclic meditation with Indian classical raga on psychological states in corporate executives
63.Nagendra Kumar Jain
Effect of yoga on psychological well being in jail in mates – Tejpur central jail
64.Rupali Dhawan
To find the prevalence of violent attitude & psychological distress in Adolescents of urban Delhi
65.Sanjay Kumar
Impact of three months yoga practice on hypertensive patients
66.Anita Anil Bhide
Effect of eight weeks of yoga module on health and mood changes in restaurant staff
67.Kanchan Arun Gogate
Swami Vivekananda – An Inspiration to his followers personal in depth interviews
68.Mamatha Rao
Effect of Yoga Practice on Cardiac Variables & hemoglobin level of Menopausal Women.
69.J S Chandramouli
Develop a mobile application to measure the time consistency during Jap practice in yoga and non-yoga practitioners
70.Geetesh S Kulkarni
Effect of brain touch method on cognitive function in school children
71.Dr. Vijaya Laxmi
Effect of trataka on anxiety levels and mindfulness of soldiers (missile fires)
72.Anusha Mallanna
Roll of EFT in older group for improving mood states, Perceived stress, Sleep quality and cognitive functions : A comparative study
73.Kusum Joshi
Effect of one month of intensive training of asthanga vinnyasa on psychological states and anthropometric measurements in healthy people
74.Divyalakshmi G K
Effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique on quality of Sleep, mood disturbance and Anxiety levels in IT Professionals
Effect of yoga practice during post-natal period on back pain, emotional regulation, self-esteem, social support and quality of well-being
76.Nandini Shreesha
Impact of Toppukaraam (Super brain Yoga) on cognition and psychological health in school children
77.Prashanth Kumar M
Effect of Kumbhaka practice on cognition, lung capacities and anxiety in health volunteers
78.Dr Sushma Channashetti
Effect of Shirodhara as add on treatment to IAYT on cognition, perservative thinking in hypertensive patients – A Comparative Study
79.Veerisetty Neeraja
Cognition and Yoga
80.Ujwala Kothawade
Immediate effect of Vrikshasana on cognitive functions in under privilege Children