Nov, 2014 – Editorial by Dr. H R NagendraJi

As we reach Nov 14th, the World Diabetic Day, we have decided to strengthen the Stop Diabetes Movement in Bangalore by conducting YIDM courses to generate Yoga Instructors for Diabetes Mellitus continuously on one hand and SDM camps on the other. The SDM camps are planned to be conducted in different parts of Bangalore. Yet another initiative which is being planned is ‘Diabetes free Jayanagar’.

On the rural front, we plan to take up 30 villages surrounding Prashanti Kutiram in Anekal Taluk, screen them for DM and pre-Diabetes by involving BNYS, BAMS Doctors; train the patients of DM and pre-DM for a week in Prashanti Kutiram by the specific Yoga Module for DM well developed now; take the data, follow them up every month by calling them to Prashanti Kutiram for a day; continue the follow up for 3 to 10 years, so that DM can be controlled and also prevent pre-DM from becoming Diabetic (Primary Prevention).

On the other front, we will dwelve deep intto understanding the mechanism as to how Yoga works by doing in-depth research using our High-tech Anveshana Research Lab. To track the effect of DM at Gene level, Bio-chemical level, ANS and brain levels, sleep structure, bio-energy status and changes using Nadi Tarangini tracking the Doshas, GDV to measure the Pranamaya Kosha changes, Accugraph to find out Prana changes in meridians, etc. Then we will investigate the changes in Psychological levels by using our latest Psychology lab. Also by looking at our ancient scriptures to unravel the details of Madhumeha, its varieties and how they were tackled during those days etc and see whether any of these can be usefully employed in the modern context.

  • We invite all patients who have got the benefits from Yoga to write their experiences with records and send us for updating our website and also probably publish in our Yoga Sudha monthly. And to become members of DM Friends association SDFAS which we will be launching soon.
  • Similarly, we request all Endocronologists and medical professionals to join hands in this movement to control DM for secondary prevention and reduce the burden of DM in our health care. We want to synergise the efforts of all such Doctors. Kindly join our team by becoming members of SDYMC (Stop Diabetes Yoga Medical Council) to help this movement to grow.
  • We need many volunteers to get trained as DM teachers and join our SDYIT (Stop Diabetes Yoga Instructors Team) by becoming its members.
  • Organisers are very necessary to make this movement to grow good heights. All such management professionals, organisers are invited to become members of our SDYOW (Stop Diabetes Yoga Organisers Wing).
  • Researchers are most needed to track the changes and hence we have now a researchers Group formed. If you are a researcher or keenly interested in research, please become a member of our SDYRG( Stop Diabetes Yoga Researchers Group).

Please write to our National Coordinator Dr. Amit Rathi for fuller details. Also see the pages inside.

This issue of Yoga Sudha presents articles by persons who are involved in the SDM, sharing their experiences through these articles.

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