Nov 6 – Enadu Adivaram


06 11 11 – Enadu Adivaram (Original article published in Telugu Daily)

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Translation of Telugu Version…

If you want to know and experience Gurukul atmosphere, Food habits and the Life style of Vedanta periodyou must land in YOGA UNIVESITY which was located in outskirts of Bengalore, the capital City of Karnataka State.

White beard, White hair, White clothes.

Remembering Himalayas.

Straight posture like pointed bow by the Archer.

It is very difficult to say thatwhether he is walking or flying in the Air.

Such is the lightness of the body.

What is his Age?

Looks like a person who crossed 100 years of Age.

Yes. Definitely he is the man of more than 100 years.

His smiling face looks like …. Trying to say something….. hiding something….

yogalaya 2

He is like that only.

He can understandable only to practitioners.

Have youany idea who is that Personality?

He is the great master called PATANJALI, Yoga teacher, Man of Yoga and Donor of Yoga.


Salutations to Maharshi, Pranams to Yogarshi. The knowledge that you have taught through Yogicprinciples, the life style that you have shown is a powerful guiding tool to any generation , to any period. You are a great Scholar who established the Scientific proof to Yogic principles that wereexplainedby Rishis in Ashrams, Tapovans. Now they are very popular all over the World.

As you research more and more you can acquire lot of knowledge …., more practice moreyou can experience unbelievable results… know in detail, to analyse and to apply to our lives and to examine such treasury of knowledge….. to find solutions for modern diseases, there are lot of efforts are going on. As a part of that efforts…..SWAMY VIVEKANANDA YOGA ANUSANDANA SAMASTHA was formed. This is the first of Yoga University (deemed) in India.

Oh! Donor of knowledge please accept our thanks.


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You are most welcomed to University as a Visitor, as a patient, as a Student, as a Researcher. In whatever manner you can enter only on one condition. You can fulfil this condition by giving up your Ego(the feeling that I know everything) and all your titles like Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Judge, Journalist, politician, Scholar etc; You have to turn yourself as a sincere Student. You must always beaware and keep your mind in right track just like a charioteer who guide horses.Keep your mind undercontrol just like tying an animal to the pole . That is the Meditation. YOGA CHITTA VRUTHI NIRODHA:….This is the aim of Yoga.



Aims of University are(1) let the World to know about the results of Yoga which were experienced by our ancient Rishis, (2) To dig out unknown secrets of Yoga by conducting Researches, (3) carry the results of these researches to the society by way of Yogic treatment. In this mega journey each and every wing of the University is striving to fulfil these aims.



A person who is sound atPhysical, Mental,Spiritual and social levels can be called as complete healthy human being. In present medical world we have Eye, Ear, Heart specialists but no specialist is available who look after total health of the people. Exactly at thismoment Yoga University entered and taken up this task as its social responsibility. It is providing Yogic treatment for all types ofChronic diseases.

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The speciality of the University is patients will be addressed as PARTICIPANTS. Here the treatment is combination of Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Depending upon the necessity and condition of the patient doctors decide which type of treatment is suitable. For thisthe patient has to Stay here from One week to Six weeks as doctors prescribed. Don’t thinkthat treatment means only hospital, cots, medicines, bad smell, cries of patients etc; Here treatment is aimed to change the entire life style.Patients daily routine starts with wake – up call at 5AM. In half an hour’s timeyou have to finish your nature calls and joined Meditation Class at 5.30. At 7AM Yogaasanaspractice. Here depending upon doctor’s report and the condition of the patient experts will teach necessary Asanas. After that there will be MytriMilan where everyone introduce to each other. At 8AM hothotbreakfast will await for you. After that Neurology, Oncology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Psychiatry,Rheumatology, Metabolic disorders, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology specialists will examine Participants (Patients). At 10.45AM Experts will teach the secrets of Pranayama. After Lunch at 1PM there will be Lectures and Bajans Session. From 5PM to 6PM tuning to nature. You have freedom to walk in spacious premises. By 10PM Lights will be put off. You can enjoy Very disciplined life, nutritious food, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. Really this daily programme itself a great TREATMENT.Bhakti Yoga (Devotional songs), Jnana Yoga (Spiritual teachings) will provide an opportunity and enable you to know who are You? You can understand very well what is the thin line between your body and heart.



Arogyadhamam will make you to understand that Pain and Sorrow are two different things. Pain is at physical and the Sorrow is at Mental level. They are separate. You should not combine them as ONE. This is a continuous learning practice. It will increase your tolerance levels to face any type of disease effectively. Fear of death will go and gain peace of mind. The people who are in the fields of IT and Marketing are under stress by impossible deadlines. Targets generate fears in their mind. Fifty percent of Visitors to Arogyadhama are belong to this category only.

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This is true. ‘ This training, discipline, have changed my life. There is lot of difference in my thinking’ claims Software employee Mr.Prakash.Not only the students who are unable to face the Stress about RANKS, Senior Citizens suffering from loneliness …..but also persons who wish physical, mental, spiritual development if they spend here at least a week or two definitely they can find lot of change in understanding of Life.


First Step to change the pattern of Life:

The University has taken up manyprogrammes in regard to problems relating to Life Style. Through the path of Yoga it find solutions to overcome Stress, B.P., Diabetes, Obesity, Sleeping disorders etc; The University is conducting SMET (Self Managementof Excessive Tension) camps which are meant for Corporate people who are prone to Stress. This is a kind of relaxation technique. Arogyadhamaattached with 150 bedded Hospital. There is a Special wing called AMRUTAM which meant for Cancer patients.



Yoga is an Ocean. As go in deep you can find many wonders. Already our ancient Rishis have researched to some extent, but there is a lot remained to research. The University has conducted many researches on important topics like… What is the effect of Yoga on the mind and body, What are the secrets of Yoga, How yoga can be converted as a solution to the problems and challenges of Modern lifeetc; This is an attempt to prove the effect of Yoga scientifically. ‘Science within Yoga’ is the slogan of the University. Sofar ithas submitted 170 Research papers in different National and International Conferences.

Now it has focused on different topics like… (1) The effect of Yoga in curing back pain, (2) The response of heart in meditating women, (3) The changes in persons who are suffering from Stress, and memory problems while they are practicing Yoga, (4) The changes in Corporate Managers who are leading yogic life style etc;

University students havemade studies about the progress in mentally retarded persons through Yoga. The Central government has officially recognised VYASA’sresearch onthe role of Yoga therapy in curing bronchial asthma,and impressed withit’s efforts it has given DEEMED UNIVERSITY Status. The University has conducted in depth researches on effect of Yoga Practice in curing Cancer, Heart related diseases, Health problems in techies, schizophrenia, diabetic, Obesity etc;In this process University of California, Indian Council of Medical Research, Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy, Department of Science and Technology have entered into MOUs with the University. Central government has recognised not only its 150 beddedYoga therapy hospital as CENTRE OF EXCELLENCY IN YOGA but also its Research Centre as CENTRE OF ADVANCED RESEARCH IN YOGA AND NUROPHYSIOLOGY. Now the University is trying to bring all the Yoga Institutes in India under one Umbrella.



According to Swami Vivekananda Education is nothing but awakening the inherentdivine powers which are already in us. This is whathappening in University. Teaching style is totally onGurukul model.While teacher occupy his seat on Dias Students listen lessons by sitting on floor or under a tree in Padmasana. University follows Point system in evaluation like USA and other countries.

Classes underbeautiful trees. Power point presentations.Use ofLaptops.This is mix of Old and modern. It is offering from Short term courses like YOGA TEACHERS TRAINING to Long term courses like Post graduate diplomas, Bachelor’s Degree, MastersDegree, PhDs. But priority will be given to discipline and moral values. Student daily activities will start early morning at 4.30AM. Onlyvegetarian food served. Students themselves have to keep their room clean. University offers part time jobs . This is an unique opportunity for students those who need some financial assistance. Away from unnecessary gossips is highly essential. Probably this is the only University in the entire Country free from DHARNAS, RAGGINGSAND STRIKES .

According to Indiandharma there are two angles in Education. One is PARA VIDYA another is APARA VIDYA. While Para vidya is related to Personality Development the AparaVidyabelongs to Social Well being. The Education system here touch these two angles. The lessons, discipline that you have learned here definitely will be useful for your growth in the Life. Now a days Yoga is getting recognition as agood career. Day by day as awareness isdeveloping among public about YOGA, employment opportunities are also increasing for YOGA TEACHERS. There are some Yoga Teachers who started their own Centres in other countries. In our country now many Corporate Companies, Schools and Hospitals are employing Yoga teachers. There are some people who have taken Yoga as a part time Job. There must be one Organisation to produce well trained Yoga Teachers. Now that responsibility has been taken up by Yoga University. Students can use Digital Audio, video Library facilities available here.It is aimed to train every student not as a mere teacher who teach simple asanas but as aAMBASSADOR OF YOGA. All over the World so far nearly 50,000 students were trained by this University.



To start a University is not a joke. It needs ajumbo infrastructure like…Large buildings, spacious area, Technology, Skilled and dedicated employees, huge funds, several permissions from various government departments. Sometimes even governments are helpless to provide this heavy infrastructure. In such atmosphere an ordinary NGO has come forward to handle this task. One can easily imagine how much efforts, co-operation, commitment is needed to start a University. Oho! Hats off to SVYASA.

To bring a small Yoga training Institute to the Status of Deemed University mainly FOUR persons have played key role. They are pillars of the University. Among themDr. H.R. Nagendra is one who was graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science and joined in NASA, USA. While in NASA he used to involve in very interesting and un ending discussions with friends and colleagues on different topics like What is Life? What is the aim of Life? How this Universe has formed?etc; In this process Vedanta helped him as Navigator. He understand that to know Who am I? nothing will help him than Spirituality . After getting clarity on Life, he is unable to continue in NASA and directly joined EKNATH RANADE who is organising VIVEKANANDA KENDRA in Kanyakumari. Mr.Ranade has opened a Research Centre with a view to propagate that Yoga is a social necessity. The responsibilities of this Centre has handed over to Sri. Nagendra. As days passed on Dr. HR Nagendra started VIVEKANANDA ANUSANDHANA SAMSTHA in 40 Acres of landat outskirts of Bengalore , the Capital of Karnataka State. The land was donated by his maternal Aunt who is a Spiritualpractioner. Sri Nagendra presently rendering his services to the University as a Vice-chancellor and chairman of syllabus committee. Another key person is Dr. R Nagaratna, sister of HR Nagendra is heading the department of YOGA ANDLIFE SCIENCES. Another important person is Profeesor N. Rahuram, graduated from Bhopal Regional Engineering College. Basically he belongs to KHAMAM, Andhra Pradeshand married to Dr. R Nagaratna. He is International Co-ordinator and responsible for spreading and bringing awareness about Yoga around world . Now the fourth pillar of University is Sri T Mohan who is serving as Secretary to the Board of Management. In 1972 the early days of VYASA the land here is full of rocks, stones and bushes. Gradually number of Yoga practionershas increased and donors have come forward. Hence the premises has increased from 40 to 100 Acres. The Central government realised the importance of Yoga. It recognised VYASA efforts and encouraged from all aspects. Sanctioned necessary funds through various departments to conduct in depth researches on different topics. Finally in 2002 government has declared VYASAas Deemed University.



To bring awareness around World about Yoga, University putting its endless efforts. In this process it is Publishing the monthly home magazine called YOGA SUDHA, in English, Sanskrit, Tamil and Hindi languages. Running an Online Journal called IJOY . This Journal iscarrying analytical and authentic articles on effect of Yoga in Meditation, Spirituality, Diseases, Management etc;. It is spreading Yoga literature through books, audios and videos. Campus library called Sarswatiequipped with more than 15,000 books, hundreds of study reports and research papers. The University has focused on many traditional yogic practices which have not seen the light so far and given them a modern look like Cyclic meditation, PranicEnergisationTechnique, Mind Imaginary Technique, VijnanaKousalyatechinquesetc; Through Yoga nidra technique one can keep himself away from Sleeping pills. Similarly Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Meditation will helpful to over come many psychosomatic disorders. Good food habits, Asanas, Kriyas, Naturopathy will make totally a healthy person. The university taking the message of Yoga to theworldthrough different programmes. As a social responsibility on priority basis now it has taken up STOP DIABETIC MOVEMENT and conducting camps and find solutions through Yoga, explained Vice-ChancellorDr. HR NAGENDRA. Exactly at this moment cool breezes and the music of dry leaves have started in PrashantiKutiram.

THATHASTU… THATHASTU …. THATHASTU as if YogiPatanjali is blessing.



Simply turning the body like rubber ball is not a Yoga. It may be only an Exercise. There is wider meaning for the Word YOGA. To achieve this there are eight steps. One has to climb step by step.

  2. NIYAMA: Maintain cleanliness both at Physical as well as Mental levels, State of happiness, Meditation, Acquiring knowledge, spending with God.
  3. ASANA: In daily life while walking, sitting and sleeping only certain parts of the body will work . Nearly 30% of human body has no movements . It is not healthy sign. If you want each and every part of the body become active practice of Yoga asanas are compulsory. Only healthy persons will become good practitioners.
  4. PRANAYAMAM: PRANA means different life forces of the body. YAMAM means resistence. In normal language it means holding breath. It is the combination ofPuraka, Rechaka and Kumbhaka. Pranayamam enhance the capacity of lungs. According to Yogic science one can control Pranic force through Pranayamam.
  5. PRATYAHARAM: Pratyaharam means keeping the mind away from external things i.e…. away from material world. One should practice this voluntarily and happily, but not by force.
  6. DHARANA: Dharana means keeping the mind only on one spot/thing. It will enhance the power of concentration. While you are studying only studies should be your world, while you are writing only writing should be your world, while performing pooja god only should appear before your eyes.
  7. MEDITATION: Meditation means concentration of your mind on a single subject or spot . It may be breath or object or Light or nothing. Here one must adopt convenient posture like Padmasana or Vajrasana. During meditation your mind may be full of thoughts. Never try to either obstructing or encouraging. Thoughts will go off just like a tired butter fly in the flower garden. Meditation enhance your controlling power on thoughts.
  8. SAMADHI: Samadhi is the ultimate goal of practioner. MaharshiPatanjali also said this is the sacred meaning of Human life. To qualify to 8th step one has to cross all Seven steps.



To enter into department of AROGYADHAMAM of University, only Ill-health is not qualification. The persons who are totally healthy are also welcomed. This will be helpful to them to get more enlightened at Physical, Mental and Social and Spiritual levels. The persons who are suffering from severe diseases it is better to take the advise of experts in advance. The University will be opened on Sundays for visitors.



The University is located at 32 Km. away from Bengalore City. It is 15 Km away from Bennregatta, National park. Registration is mandatory before taking treatment. Every Friday at 7AM the University Bus is ready to pick up Patients from Bengalore City Office (Eknathbhavan) and reach Prashanti by 2PM.



Patients should reach Arogyadhamam with all necessary things like previous medical reports, medicines (if you are using them), Torch light, Candles, Toilet kit, Mach box, Mosquito coils and track suit. As long as in premises one must wear traditional clothes only.



Here Dormitory, Single, double rooms with/without AC and cottages available. When coming to Tariff, charges vary depending upon facilities, duration and necessities.



You will be supplied as per dietician recommendations. Only vegetarian food will be served. Non-vegetarian food, Cigarettes and liquor are strictly prohibited in the University premises. Mobiles will be allowed only at Certain timings and at specific areas. For further details…… WWW.SVYASA.ORG. Phone: 093410 77633, 080-2661 2669.