Oct, 2014 – Editorial by Dr. H R NagendraJi

Putting the satellite into orbit of Mars successfully the very first time has put India on top of space missions. None of the countries had done it first time. Even US had taken two attempts to do it. Congrats to our ISRO scientists. On the occasion of the 5 days visit of our PM to USA, this achievement has been historic. Similarly the unprecedented welcome to Narendra Modiji in Madison square in New York and 50 packed programs in 5 days will again be historic. The prophecy of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo is coming true : India will be the super power by 2020 to lead the world towards peace, prosperity, health and harmony, not mere economic prosperity.

Yoga’s popularity is rising high to achieve this end for the good of humanity. The International conference in the University of Southern California on 20th and 21st of September organised by the Dept of Integrative medicine for Metabolic Syndrome has brought S-VYASA’s research and approach of IAYT to lime light among young under-grads of the university on one hand and Faculty and researchers on the other hand.

And the Summit of nano-technology organised by Dr Anita Goel in Boston on 27th and 28th bringing the top brains from Harvard and MIT to use high-end Nano technology will forge ahead Yoga and Ayurveda research in USA. Details in the next issue of Yoga Sudha.

The new AYUSH Experts team set up by Dept of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will be giving a comprehensive integrative health care delivery system to be adopted in the whole country envisioning a new Holistic healing dimension with emphasis on prevention and promotion of positive health with Life-style change as the basis. All AYUSH systems are based on this Consciousness-based world view which includes the present bio-medical model of modern medical system. One of the members ( top researcher of allopathy) of the new Committee in the first meeting in Delhi mentioned that before the modern medical system came to India, we had the AYUSH systems as the medical care and hence is the main stream in our country and modern medical system should only be complimentary.

It is laudable that the Central govt has started supporting AYUSH allotting another nearly Rs 1000 Crore to the existing AYUSH budget on one hand and to include AYUSH system in all upcoming AIIMS hospitals in every State. As you all know we have been able to effectively and functionally integrate all systems to achieve the best benefits to the patients who come to our Arogyadhama.

We will use new and subtle energy diagnostic measures as GDV, Acugraph, etc to track the Pranamaya Kosha imbalances which can help in pre-diagnosis of NCDs including Cancer providing an opportunity to set right the system before it crystallises in the physical body- a great step towards prevention. At the same time S-VYASA will continue its quest to find the mechanisms involved in the comprehensive healing processes involved in the use of IAYT, ayurveda and unified healing through pluralistic medicine. And the new Anveshana lab has started planning for the same.

We invite all top researchers in the country and abroad to join hands in this vital move towards Holistic healing Movement.

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