Oral Presentation

List of Papers for Oral Presentation 

Based on reviewer’s recommendation following abstracts have been selected for Oral presentation

Paper ID Title of the Paper
24 Current trends in yoga practices: a worldwide view
25 The effect of yoga on cortical inhibition in healthy individuals:  a pilot study using transcranial magnetic stimulation
26 Experimental investigation of flow field velocity during forced breathing using schlieren flow visualization technique
 28  Functional anatomy of core muscle and its activation in diferent yogic posture- a conceptual review
 36  Differential modulation of cardiac autonomic rhythm during different yogasana: understanding the process
 47  An fmri study of yoga nidra using inter-subject correlation: a pilot study
 49  Evaluation of the efficacy of the ayurveda ischemia reversal program as add on therapy to conventional treatment in patients with stable ischemic heart disease
 51  Yoga intelligence in the function of measuring of the yoga therapy effect
56 Effect of yogic practices in improvement of neuro muscular co-ordination and motor skills in leprosy patients suffering from diabetes
59 Randomized control trial, double blind placebo control study on the effects of pranic healing on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – pilot study
66 Mathematical modeling of the mechanisms of periodic breathing and control of breathing
85 A clinical evaluation of efficacy of arogyavardini rasa and marichyadi taila external application along with pranayama in eka kusta w.s.r to psoriasis
89 Yoga-through the molecular lens
119 Neurohemodynamic effects of yoga practice in healthy volunteers: a fnirs study
125 Vivekananda yoga program for patients with advanced lung cancer and their family caregivers
148 Efectiveness Of Standarized Yogic Practices On Non-Nutritional Factors Associated With Anaemia Among Medical Students – A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial
156 A Proposal for a Unified System of Medicine based on Ancient Systems like Chinese Medicine and Yoga-Ayurveda with Case Studies of Chronic Headache and Other Ailments
181 Efficacy Of Acupuncture In The Management Of Primary Dysmenorrhoea: A Randomized Controlled Trial
201 Stand-Alone ayurvedic treatment in acute ischaemic stroke: a non-randomized controlled trial