PDC Non-Residential Camp in Eknath Bhavan

Organized by Ms. Aruna and Ms. Soumya

Eknath Bhavan PDC participants & organizers with Guruji

Eknath Bhavan PDC participants & organizers with Guruji

Benjamin Franklin said: “Tell me I forget; teach me I remember; involve me I learn”

Under the initiative of the staff of Eknath Bhavan the first ever Personality development Camp 2014 was held in Eknath Bhavan, Gavipuram from 1st May to 15th May 2014.

Incorporating Guruji’s ideas of 4-fold personality development in children (mental, physical, emotional and intellectual) the syllabus included yoga, Pranayama, Art and craft, Dance, Bhajans, yogic games and also preparing snacks.

On May 10th 2014 the children visited Prashanthi Kuteeram, Jigani and spent the whole day enjoying the serene surrounding along with participating in activities.

They also visited Meenakshi Temple and Brahma Kumari Ashram on their way back.

The valedictory program was held on the last day of the camp, May 15th 2014. Shri C.D. Nagraj (K.G. Nagar Inspector) and Shri D.S. Anand (artist) were the chief guest for the event. Shri Raghuramji, Dr. Nagarathna, Dr. Venkatramji, Dr. Sudheer Deshpande also graced the event. The children showcased their talents through dance, asanas and singing in front of their parents and the esteemed guests.

It was very well appreciated by the parents and all the guests.

This was Eknath Bhavan’s first step towards a journey of many miles.

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