Poster Presentation

List of Papers for Poster Presentation 

Based on reviewer’s recommendation following abstracts have been selected for Poster presentation

ID Title
3 Congestion of thoughts- its cause, effect and cure
5 Vasudeva kriya
7 Effect of yoga on the prakrti of children- a randomized control study
9 Impact of practice of pranayam and dhyan on daily energy, multitasking and wholesome engagement during mba program
10 An integrated approach  of yoga sequencing and correct life style to reduce insomnia and stress deseases
11 Promotion of  yoga through tourism for developing a holistic approach to meet sustainable development goals
12 Efficacy of yoga, cognitive interventions and psychoeducation in breast cancer patients
13 Sriyantra and pyramid influence on seeds germination
14 Germination of seeds with maha mrtyunjaya mantra
15 Effect of integrated yoga on nursing students with breast pain
16 Effect of buttermilk on control of diabetes mellitus along with iayt for diabetes mellitus
17 Yoga therapy & moderate diet for enhancing the level of social functioning in autistic children
18 Yoga based pulmonary rehabilitation for the management of dyspnoea in coal miners with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomized controlled trial
20 Yoga practice increases minimum muscular fitness in children with visual impairment
21 Rasa- an esoteric journey
22 Yoga aided integrated therapies for treatment of  coronary heart diseases
29 Integrated medicine approach for drug abuse
31 Effect of jaggery in related to mental stress (ncs)
32 Yoga for orphan children
33 Subtle energy changes in males and females practicing meditation: a cross-sectional study
35 Effect of bhramari pranamayama practice on pulmonary function in healthy adolescents – a pilot study
37 Posture geometry and autonomic modulation: understanding the process
38 A study to assess the effect of relaxation techniques and regular medication on post surgery conditions in post operative patients
39 Development and reliability of a scale for assessment of muscle contraction/relaxation during yogasana
40 Effect of yoga and homoeopathy on “migraine” in children
41 An integrated approach of yoga and ayurveda in cancer care
42 Diabetes –a lifestyle modification through ayurveda & yoga
43 Comparative study of stages of spiritual progress in yoga and jainism
44 Case study of a cancer patient
45 Impact of om meditation on emotional intelligence and life satisfaction: a pre and post analysis
48 Smriti meditation: a tool for diagnosis and management of psychosomatic diseases: a clinical observation study
50 Yoga and psychotherapy
53 Effect of integrated yoga on psychological distress among women with primary dysmenorrhea – a randomized controlled trial
54 A study on the expectations of employers and employees on “corporate yoga” programs in india
55 Practicing ayurveda and yoga in australia: a critical review of literature
57 Nabhi pariksha- a novel diagnostic method from ancient indian scriptures
60 Effect of two yoga based relaxation techniques on bio-  energy outcomes in managers using electro photonic   imaging technique
61 Numerical study of transport and deposition of aerosols within human lungs bifurcation tubes
62 Electric linear actuator based pressure optimization for acugraph based electrodermal assessments
64 Yoga: its cognitive benefits among healthy engineering subjects
65 Yoga – the unification of individual and cosmic life – research in consciousness as a field of all possibilities
67 A systematic review on yoga for the prevention of migraine headaches
69 Effect of jyotir trataka on quality of sleep
71 Use of chromo-therapy as an add on to cancer management
74 Effect of yogic practices on selected risk factors among menopausal women
75 Chromotherapy and heliotherapy as a new dimension of treatment for diabetes.
76 Efficacy of bhramari on wound healing in the patients of diabetic neuropathy.
77 Anatomical analysis of cobra posture and its correlation with lower back pain-conceptual paper
78 Yoga in diabetes management: a critical review of pre and post studies
79 Effect of surya namskara and meditation on physical health with body mass index in healthy volunteers.
80 Exploring relevance of experiential aspects of yogic practice for the management of diabetes
81 Effect of yoga nidra and deep relaxation technique on selected physiological variable among  stressed service personnel
82 Effect of yoga on phantom limb pain of amputees in a diabetic population
83 A comparative study of wellness index amongst yoga and non yoga practitioners.
84 Therapeutic effects of trataka:  bibliometric analysis & narrative review
86 Complementary systems of medicine: do they complement each other?
87 Transcendence – an aid to holistic intellectual improvement
88 Transcendence – reducing muscle fatigue and increasing the intensity of training period
90 Yoga and naturopathy for metabolic disorders: encouraging results from a case study
91 Active music therapy to reduce stress and enhance cognitive functions in type 2 diabetes
92 Yoga as a means to stimulate erythropoiesis: a novel method to combat anaemia
94 Swastha vritta – life style modification( as per ayurveda text).
95 Life natural & indian traditional lifestyle: what is naturopathy missing today?
96 Simplified techniques for inculcation of youth leadership in yoga
97 Painless tooth extraction by jalandhara bandha yoga
98 An integral approach of yoga therapy on alcoholic patients
99 Improvement of oestrogen level by yoga therapy – a proto type study
100 Role of yoga therapy in breast cancer
103 Asthma bath, a solution to acute attacks of asthma in naturopathic opds.
104 Prevention & management of life-style disorders – an approach through yoga and ayurveda
105 Effect of cold hip bath on gastric motility and constipation   related symptoms in patients with functional constipation: a   pilot study
106 Role of ayurveda in preventing diabetic retinopathy
107 Textual base of occupational health hazards of computer profession in yoga and aagama and its scientific implications – a review
108 The influence of yoga patandjaly on the physiological indicators
109 Improvement of physical and physiological fitness of healthy indian soldiers after one month yogic training
110 Effect of one month yogic training on  blood pressure of active men
111 Immediate effects of kapalbhati pranayama on metabolic function of healthy female individuals
112 Effect of yogic practice on respiratory function and muscle strength of healthy middle aged men
113 Yoga for secondary infertility
114 Yoga therapy for psychiatric disorders: patients’ perception of change and predictors of response
115 Development and feasibility of yoga based intervention module for ocd
116 Eye care through ayurveda
117 Cosmetology in ayurveda
118 Role of shirodhara in mental health
122 Nutrition and dietetics for eye through ayurveda
123 Cerebrovascular hemodynamics during two pranayama techniques
124 Role of trataka yogic kriya in netra
126 Effect of pranayama and yogika kriya in management of common ent problems
127 Integration of ayurveda and biomedicine- efforts of central council for research in ayurvedic sciences and further scope
128 Yoga: Powerful tool in combating diseases
129 Mudra yoga in netra roga
130 Role of yoga on eyes
133 Integrated approach in refractive errors
134 Study of the efficacy of vyayama and yoga in diabetes
135 Effect of integrated yoga during in vitro fertilization (ivf), a controlled study
136 Mechanisms resulting in early onset of sleep following hot foot immersion: a concept paper
137 Impact of supplementation of iron rich biscuits on anaemic tribal adolescent girls
138 Role of nadi shodhana pranayam in hypertensive retinopathy
139 Effect of pranayama and yogic diet on “migraine cases”
140 Add on effect of integrated yoga in post-cochlear implant rehabilitation of congenitally deaf and dumb children: a randomized controlled pilot study
141 Remedial yoga module for irritable bowel syndrome: replication and sustained improvements
142 Vijnanamaya kosha from the perspective of science
143 Anandamaya kosha from the perspective of science
144 Annamaya kosha from the perspective of science
145 Manomaya kosha from the perspective of science
146 Pranmaya kosha from the perspective of science
147 A critical analysis on the action of ashvini mudra in hemorrhoids
149 Spiritualise india:  introduction of spiritual science text books in academics under value education or moral science
150 Effect of sheetali and sheetkari pranayamas on autonomic and respiratory variables in patients with hypertension-  a randomized controlled trial
151 Integrated approaches and achievements of advanced centre for ayurveda in mental health and neurosciences nimhans bangalore
152 Practice of yoga in stress management according to asthanga yoga
153 A study to assess the effect of trataka yoga kriya eye exercise and carotenoid juices on myopia
154 A comparative study of yoga, naturopathy & conventional conservative medical treatment in the management of low back pain
155 Facilitating adoption of yogic life style among school going adolescents
157 Brahmari pranayama may enhance the drainage of metabolic end products through cerebral vessels: a hypothesis
158 The effect of antar kumbhaka on lymphatic drainage
159 Effect of one month yogic intervention on stress, anxiety, depression, quality of sleep, quality of life and verbal memory among unemployees- a randomized controlled trial
160 Integrating ayurveda and yoga in diabetes mellitus type ii
161 Impact of yoga and naturopathy lifestyle intervention on obesity
162 Efficacy of yoga therapy in modulation on heart rate variability in schizophrenia
163 Effectiveness of swedish massage and neutral spinal bath in management of low back pain
164 Soorya trataka and refractive errors
165 Immediate effect of bhasthrika & bhramari pranayamas on autonomic and respiratory variables in healthy individuals- a randomized controlled trial
166 Effect of hridaya mudra on autonomic variables in healthy volunteers: a self as control trail
167 In vitro gene expression studies of aqp3 gene in keratinocytes with pure aloe vera face wash
168 A study to assess the effect  of specified asanas and carica papaya in relieving constipation
169 Effect of tai-chong (liver-3) on autonomic variables in hypertension: a randomized placebo controlled trial
170 Effect of hot arm and foot bath on autonomic variables in healthy volunteers: a self as control trial
171 Effect of fresh coconut in a balanced diet based on yogic principles on hemoglobin levels in healthy adults, a randomised comparative study
172 Technology aids in yoga industry
173 Effect of yoga on productivity and health of button factory workers: single arm open label study
174 Immediate hypoglycaemic effect of two selective hydrotherapeutic procedures in non insulin dependent patients of diabetes mellitus
175 Liver opens to eyes:the possible biochemical mechanisms involved with the concept of traditional chinese medicine
176 Effect of integrated yoga on stress, anxiety and heart rate variability in first year nursing students
177 Comparative clinical study of vachadi lepa & mruttika lepa in mukhadushika (acne vulgaris)
178 Effect of one week integrated yoga program on depression using implicit and explicit measures
180 Effect of mud pack to eye on psychological variables on college student
183 Rheumatoid arthritis- management within nature
184 Biological and therapeutic activities and anti-cancer properties of curcumin
185 Action of pomegranate on diabetes
186 Action of carica papaya on break- bone fever
187 Acupuncture for poly cystic ovarian syndrome with insulin resistance
188 Eye wash for eye health
189 Acute  appendicitis
191 Gear up the genius [through the practice of super brain yoga]
192 pcos – management with holistic approach
193 Drugless management for infertility
194 Massage – a holistic cure for nephrolithiasis
195 A comparitive clinical study of hypolipidemic efficacy of amla (emblica officinalis) with simvastatin
196 Role of yoga practices in regulating sleep architecture: a comparative study
197 Effectiveness of standardized yogic practices on reducing abdominal circumference among medical students-a randomized controlled trial
198 Effect of  SuryaNamaskara and  Paschimottanasana in improving the  flexibility of Spine
199 Effect of integrated yogic practices on body composition, serum lipid profile and oxidative stress status in obese adults
200 Comparative study of influence of yajña and yogāsana on stress level as measured by electron photonic imaging (epi) technique