Raja Yoga Discourses & LecturesProf K. Subramanyam 03/01/2010

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Date: 03.01.10
Venue: Mangal Mandir
Chanting: Raja Yoga
Chanted by: Rudranath, PhD.
Discourse: Raj Yoga
DiscourseBy: Dr.H.R.Nagendra(Guruji)
Discourse by


Vice-chancellor, SVYASA, Bangalore, India


1.Suprabhatam, Sushwagatam………….(Good morning and welcome)
2.Raj Yoga is name given to Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Goal of Raj Yoga is mastery over the mind by slowing down the mind.
3.Satisfaction is wonderful tool. Happiness can take you to highest level of freedom.
4.Excessive speed of mind is emotions. Thus all violent emotions like anger, hatred and jealousy are reduced by slowing down the mind.
5.Third limp of Raj Yoga is Asana i.e. posture of yoga. Stretch and relax.
6.Dynamic Asana reduce obesity, lethargy, drowsiness and sleepiness. Those are for Tamasic (lethargic) person.
7.Slowing down asana is for Rajasic (hyperactive) persons. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is key phrase in relaxing yoga. When you keep your spine erect, you don’t fall sleep.
8.Backward bending postures reduce shyness of a shy child. Whereas front bending postures reduce over smartness of child.
9.Meditation on infinite objects like blue sky and ocean gives bliss. It moves emotions towards modesty and selflessness.
10.Ideal body has flexibility like softness of flowers as well as hardness of diamonds as per time. Ideal mind have tranquility and clarity of thoughts. Let’s meditate.
Vice-chancellor of S-VYASA With his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, he was a NASA research assosiate and consultant at Harvard University before his interests turned to full-time involvement in human engineering and the search for ultimate Reality. His life mission is the scientific exploration of the subtle aspects of consciousness through yoga.He has 30 research papers in Engineering and 60 in Yoga.He has written more than 30 books on yoga.