Raja Yoga Discourses & LecturesProf K. Subramanyam 05/01/2010

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Date: 05.01.10
Venue: Mangal Mandir
Chanting: Raja Yoga
Chanted by: Geeta,PhD.
Discourse: Raj Yoga
DiscourseBy: Dr.H.R.Nagendra(Guruji)
Discourse by


Vice-chancellor, SVYASA, Bangalore, India


1.Suprabhatam, Sushwagatam………….(Good morning and welcome)
2.Pratyahara is fifth limb of Raj Yoga. It means controlling rush of senses over the objects.
3.We have seen use of mind and breathe to control over mind. Now we see use of senses to control over the mind.
4.Rush towards objects has excessive speed of thoughts. Yoga way of life reduces rush towards objects by slowing down the mind.
5.However, some persons objected. Like Sigmund Freud, ’don’t suppress rush of senses. Allow freedom to senses.’ Such freedom has lead to student unrest and family divorces in America.
6.‘Sublimation of desires by slowing down the mind and not suppression’ is whole essence of Pratyahara.
7.Dhyana and Dharana is sixth limb of Raja Yoga. Mind is conglomeration of thoughts.
8.Dhyana is concentration. Concentration is linking multiple thoughts in one subject.
9.Methods of bringing concentration are imposing force on child while teaching and learn while play.
10.Dharana means focusing. It means keeping body steady and focus on single object or one thought like Om. Let’s meditate on beautiful Om and keep smile on face.
Vice-chancellor of S-VYASA With his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, he was a NASA research assosiate and consultant at Harvard University before his interests turned to full-time involvement in human engineering and the search for ultimate Reality. His life mission is the scientific exploration of the subtle aspects of consciousness through yoga.He has 30 research papers in Engineering and 60 in Yoga.He has written more than 30 books on yoga.